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  1. Thanks for posting this. Even with the sweatpants, it is a wonderful performance.
  2. Thanks for posting the youtube link. I don't watch the show so I would not have seen it otherwise.
  3. There was no gold medal given out this year. The winners from the competition's page were: 2009 NYIBC Medalists Women Amber Neumann (USA), Silver Medal Olga Malinovskaya (Russia), Bronze Medal Yong Jung Rhee (Korea), Bronze Medal Jia Zhang (China), Lefkowitz Award for Artistic Recognition Men John Mark Giragosian (USA), Silver Medal Artjom Maksakov (Estonia), Bronze Medal Ricardo Santos (Brazil), Bronze Medal and The Gerald Arpino Award (one year contract with Joffrey Ballet) Ki Wan Kim (Korea), Lefkowitz Award for Jury Acknowledgement Marco Pagetti (Italy), Lefkowitz Award for Jury Acknowledgement
  4. Thanks for the link to the web site.
  5. Thank you for posting your reviews and the photos of these young dancers.
  6. Mom2 Thanks for highlighting this article. I had missed it. Viviana
  7. I think the Royal Ballet's uses children from the Royal Ballet School....at least it did the last time I saw it....so it is not an adult only Nutcracker......
  8. There is a Dance Gala benefit at City Center in New York on October 29 for the Career Transition for Dancers organization so I am assuming that is why the article appeared in this week's NY Times. It is not that easy to work full time as a dancer and to always have to remember that it is temporary. While dance may be a short lived career, it can also be an all encompassing one.
  9. This is a wonderful service to the ballet community. Thanks so very much.
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