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  1. Charming_Lise

    Changes at Bolshoi Helm...again!

    This article from the Arts Desk provides a lot of background information on the situation: http://www.theartsdesk.com/index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&id=3298:bolshoi-leader-quits-in-porn-scandal&Itemid=12 Jamila
  2. Charming_Lise

    First time at the ballet for young children

    What a great topic! The first time I went to the ballet I was 6 and it was Swan Lake by the Moscow City Ballet at our local theatre Fairfield Halls. I had just recently began ballet lessons. I remember really enjoying seeing it and being fascinated by it. I was somewhat already familliar with the music having danced around at home to it a lot. I also saw the children's troupe Naional Youth Ballet.
  3. Charming_Lise

    Zenaida Yanowsky

    Thanks for your response. That's lovely news to hear she is expecting another baby!
  4. Charming_Lise

    Zenaida Yanowsky

    I've been wondering if anyone knows about Zenaida Yanowsky. She hasn't performed with the Royal Ballet for the first part of the season. Is she still with the company? I would be disapointed to hear if she has left.
  5. Charming_Lise

    Obama to Stanislavski Th. (ballet?) tomorrow

    GROTUS? That's brilliant!
  6. Charming_Lise

    Alina Cojocaru

    Just thought people might be interested to know that Alina Cojocaru has a new website it is www.alinacojocaru.com
  7. Thanks for sharing that with us Christian. It is increadibly moving and such a wonderful idea.
  8. Charming_Lise

    Royal Ballet Special Offer

    I agree with you. I think something needs to be down to encourage young people into the arts in the U.K. It would also help if prices were lowered for the ROH. I am a student so cannot go as often as I would like though the student standby scheme is an excellent step in the right direction. At primary I was introduced to the arts at a young age we used to go once a term to our local theatre to see concerts which were especially for schools. I think this initiative should be used in schools when possible.
  9. In La Fille mal gardee Lise and Colas and up eloping to Vegas where they are married by an Elvis lookalike.
  10. Brilliant news. Thanks for letting us know Christian. Ive seen Viengsay perform and she is wonderful. Her fouettes are out of this world.
  11. Charming_Lise

    Cojocaru/Kobborg Giselle coming soon!!

    Just to let everyone know the U.K release date for Giselle is the 1st of September. Jamila Mendes
  12. Charming_Lise

    Ballet de Espana

    There is an interesting article in the June issue of Dancie Europe on Ballet de España.
  13. Charming_Lise

    Irina Kolpakova

    I agree. It seems to a wonderful part of the Russian tradition that a dancer is able to impart their experience on younger dancers in such a way. A sort of carrying on of thoughts, emotions and experiences in which a dancer can use to put their own signature stamp on the role.
  14. Thank you Popular Library I'm looking forward to seeing other clips. Rehearsal footage is always fascinating to watch.
  15. Charming_Lise

    Favorite pas de deux?

    Charming Lise, we're in the same boat... Out of your seven choices, i'll take D&A, BS, M and DQ. To the list i'll add Tchaikowsky PDD and Flames of Paris PDD (BTW, did you ever get to see Munecos with Cary and Fernandito ( RIP) ? No I haven't seen Muñecos live unfortuantly. I have seen it on You tube with two dancers from English National ballet Venus Villa and Yat-Seng Chang in rehearsal and a performance video with Xiomara Reyes and Yat. Do you know who composed the music for it? It's beautiful.