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  1. I work in the knowledge field and the first rate boss doesn't necessary groom their hires but hire them for their expertise, expertise that the boss doesn't have. The manager's role becomes one of maximizing their hires productivity, retaining the talents, building on their strengths with the hope that the talent will stay, otherwise they will leave for potentially better opportunities elsewhere. A similar field would be profession athletics, the coaches/ managers most often are not good as their star athletes, they don't have a big a salary, but their jobs is to maximize the productivity of these athletes and retain them for as long as they can. You can see this pattern with the elite sports teams, majority of these coaches were nowhere near as successful as the athletes under their charge. Now, with second tier athletic teams, you will more likely find a coach, who in their primes, were better than the athletes currently under them. A current example would be Jill Ellis, the just-retired coach of the US Women's National Soccer team. She played collegiate soccer but was nowhere near the level of the players under her. Yet, she coached the team to two consecutive world cup championships.
  2. I would disagree with this. First class people hire first class people and hoped that their hires would surpass them so that they will benefit from quality of their hires. Second and third rate managers will only hire those lower than them.
  3. there were many other listed in the main page, with links to FB streams. If anything, there were so many simultaneous broadcasts. Of course, if all you cared about were the "big 3" listed on the top then you can't expect 3 companies to provide 24hrs of continuous streaming contents.
  4. FYI, the Casting pdf for this week is incorrect. It has next week's casting.
  5. don't want to go off topic. Good to know it was the ushers and not audience.
  6. Up in the first ring, somebody continued to use their cell phones throughout the entire performance.
  7. This change caught me by surprise also. If it was changed to allowed more companies to participate, I'm all for it but it looks like only three companies will participate this year, down from last year.
  8. Thank you. I've been lurking for the past season and started attending last Fall. I'm definitely a novice hence I don't know if synchronicity is the correct term to describe the difference between the Corps
  9. My first post here. I'm pretty much in agreement with everyone thus far. Ms Phelan stole Emeralds. Ms Kikta made off with Rubies. Kowroski and Angle shined brightest in Diamonds. The engaged eye contacts between them during the PDD was noticeable from the second ring (although I did have good binoculars). The Corps danced wonderfully and I must confessed to wishing that "if only ABT Corp could achieve the same level of synchronicity".
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