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  1. I'll be there Saturday for Giselle. Who else is going?
  2. I have android phone. It is strange that some people's Print at Home tickets have the old good format and mine this year are different. There's work around, I can use my phone, login to my account bring up the tickets.
  3. I did received the "Print at home tickets" in a separate email shortly after I receive my order confirmation emails and they have the new, truncated format in two pages. Strange why other are getting the old, better pdf. I'll try calling them again.
  4. Has anyone spoken in person to the NYCB ticketing department? This year's Print at Home tickets is drastically different and inferior to last season (2019). Why they changed the format is a mystery but they broke something that didn't need fixing. I've called but the ticketing people replied that it isn't their job. I've tried emailing twice but have not received a response in the past two weeks. If you look at your print at home ticket, the Section is missing. You have the bar code, the Row and seat but no section. I can imagine the confusing this will cause if somebody forgot their section or knowingly try to sit at the same Row and seat but different section. This omission is pervasive. Also, why is it that this season's Print at Home ticket requires two pages to print instead of one. Does NYC Ballet want people to use more paper. My first ballet will be this Saturday but I wanted to know if this issue has been raised to management? If you compare NYCB Print at home tickets to NY City Center or Joyce, it pales in comparison. Looking at just the e-tickets, one would think that NYCB is the amateur company who hired somebody's cousin to handle all things IT.
  5. If another Mozart came into this world, would he choose classical music or would he apply his genius to some other type of music? If another Rembrandt or Picasso popped into existence now, would either of them continued on where their predecessors left off? If a genius, once in a generational dance choreographer exists right now, would this person decide to do ballet? I highly doubt that we will be fortunate enough to have the world's leading talents decide to choreograph new ballets.
  6. ABT will be performing one of her work this October at Koch. https://www.abt.org/events/2021-fall-season-program-2/
  7. Excited to return to City Center. Planning on seeing Programs 2 and 5 because they are on the weekend.
  8. Streaming now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y18f04LDAe0
  9. Ballet West The Little Mermaid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SUNLkiHxSYk
  10. I don't see any mention of ABT so here goes. On their YouTube they have two performances of ABT Company dancers. Will remain up for one month. Act II dropped today.
  11. Scottish Ballet did with so little while Disney couldn't with so much.
  12. Scottish Ballet gets my vote for best Nutcracker adaptation 2020.
  13. One premiering now. www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFkr94zQwkA
  14. I did some research and found it. It is an FDA approved mask. There's a "surgical" version and a consumer version. Search for "clearmask' and you'll find it.
  15. I've not seen this particular clear face mask before. Clear face mask, or partial clear face mask, can be more effective if made properly because the plastic is impenetrable. However, there need to be surface area that are "breathable and filterable". This particular version has such a large surface area reserved for the clear plastic that I can't figure out where the breathable section would be. I saw thick foam like materials in the bottom section between the mask and the chin. I assume there's a similar foam like section along the nose bridge area. Perhaps they will tell us via Instagram.
  16. Would I be correct to assume then that you don't like Bourne's Swan Lake for the same reason, it modernizes and switched to all male struggles? PBT Nutcracker
  17. Carolina Ballet will be fre live streaming their performance starting today Dec 4th. More information at their website. https://carolinaballet.org/nutcracker-once-upon-a-time-in-greenville/
  18. Why do promotions of dancers of color have to be laced with "good for the company from a diversity perspective"? A good principal "for a person of color" sotto voce
  19. I just bought another create your own subscription and added these three shows. May will be very busy with NYCB and ABT both at Lincoln Center. Not complaining of course.
  20. For other newbies here: Customer service confirmed via email that I can call starting March 15 and make my exchanges over the phone.
  21. I've been attending NYCB programs from Feb 1 -29 and have had great luck with the weather. There is an increase chance of a blizzard here or there in February but I for one would love to be able to see both NYCB and ABT in the "darkest" of winter months. They do wonders for my outlook. If the trains works, then I know that I can make it there and back.
  22. When you say outside of exchange week, do you mean BEFORE or after. After I can understand because they've opened up exchanges following the exchange week but I didn't know if yo can BEFORE.
  23. Beginner question here: I'm a second year subscriber but this will be the first time I need to exchange tickets. I've read the instructions multiple times but I do wish the instruction is more clear (at least to me) Please confirm for me if I understood the subscription ticket exchange process correctly. 1: By mail: one fill out the exchange form and mail it. 2: Starting March 15 till 22nd is the "exchange week". I assume that this must be done in person that the Box office? I'm not clear on this but assume that this is the ONLY method during this week. Hence, I'll need to visit the Met Box Office in person and bring along the tickets and my subscriber card. 3: There is no such thing as doing exchanges over the phone, as one can do with NYCB subscriptions? Thank you in advance
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