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Which Edward Gorey Book are You?

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re: the gashlycrumb's A, yes, AMY is correct. the now late amy greenhouse cherished the use of her name. she was a good friend of EG's when i knew him at NYCB but by then the 'gashly' alphabet was a classic, so tho' it wasn't written for amy, she was amused by it.

my favorite is neville who died of ennui.

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I've never read any of these books. Are they children's books or more for (young) adults? As a point of reference, I'm currently reading Beatrix Potter to my little boy.

A few might be suitable for children, but most are for adults of all ages. Gorey is ironic, sophisticated and often a bit morbid.

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Gorey is for grownups. There are a few stories here and there you could read to kids without having to explicate too much, but there are many little children who come to bad ends and sexual references, some covert, some not, that would leave Mom and Dad with quite a bit of explaining to do.

Gorey did illustrations for a book, Donald Has a Difficulty by Peter Neumeyer, that my niece quite liked – I had to read it to her at least once whenever she visited. There may be others out there. But I didn't even think about reading her Gorey's own things.

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