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  1. Hi MJSoden, T. Legat lives with her daughter who speaks English very well. I know someone who speaks to her regularly who has a current phone number and address -- who also remembers a student named Caitlin N. -- who would be happy to help, if necessary. I don't think you'll need my help but if you do, unfortunately, you cannot PM me with your contact information...perhaps a moderator could pass that on to me to give to her. Good luck!
  2. Last Nutcracker season (2004) the same writer from the Philadelphia Inquirer wrote an opinion piece about hating the Nutcracker. I clicked on the link at the end of the piece and sent a her a lengthy email about how publishing her opinion could negatively impact ballet. She replied that I misuderstood the story, and that she meant to be funny. It sounds like the same opinion piece ran this year on NPR. Maybe I am a little slow, but it seemed genuinely negative to me, even reading it with her explanation in mind.
  3. sz, IMO, attributing suffering in Cuba to President Bush is innapropriate and simplistic. The political situation is too complex.
  4. I noticed Andrew Kamiski's name is gone too...does anyone know where he's gone?
  5. Thanks for sharing that...it was hilarious.
  6. SusanB

    Alla Osipenko

    Thalictum, Will you please tell us when it's published?
  7. Amy, In my experience the in house Box Office seemed to have more selection. They have a seating chart, are very helpful and make recommendations. Plus you don't pay a surcharge for tickets that you pay through an agency.
  8. Does anyone happen to have a video of this documentary to share? Thanks!
  9. Marc, Do you know where I can purchase that documentary, either in Russian or English? Thank you.
  10. Nora, Try searching Kultur.com for it.
  11. djb, Do you know where I can purchase that Sleeping Beauty video? Thanks.
  12. Amy, There is an *in house* ticket office in the lobby of the Boston Ballet studios building on Clarendon Street. If you're far away try calling the main bb number and then ask for the operator to connect you to the box office in house. I always purchase tickets there and find them very accommodating.
  13. Amy, I don't know if the tree is flat or not, but it's really spectacular when it grows. Everything on the stage is pulled up and out and it's visually stunning. I also love NYCB's Nutcracker. To me, that one feels more "magical" than Boston's...not sure why. Both are exceptional. I would recommend the first row after the break in the orchestra for you. No one would be directly in front of her. I think the vantage point of looking up slightly at the stage during the first act is better than down from the balcony, where she may not see the full tree nor get the effect of it growing. The theater runs out of booster seats, so plan to arrive slightly early for one. Often BB has entertainment in the lobby, for example, local children caroling.
  14. Hello ~ I am wondering if anyone (Jeannie?) has the 2003-2004 International Ballet Competition schedule. I am aware that Varna is in July but do not know of any others. Can anyone help? Thanks!
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