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  1. We've found Legat and are in the process of drafting a letter to be translated. Caitlin insists that Madame won't have the Documentary but will probably have a lot of the other vids. That could solve half the problem- the other half would be seeing the documentary
  2. How would one get their hands on any of these performance segments? Any and all? What dancer doesn't appreciate Rudy, Misha and now (for me especially) Soloviev? Gosh... for the 60's, I'm just amazed. I've read so many legends and to finally see him... I've gotta see more. Thanks for the information. I'm really just looking for a direction to go with searching for this Documentary. I don't mind doing some uncovering or making phone calls. I think it's vital to understanding the evolution of the male dancer to know as much about him as I can. Thank you!
  3. Hello everyone! My girlfriend and I are looking for a documentary about Yuri Soloviev. The title is, "I'm Tired of Living In My Native Land". I've only found small clips on youtube and else where of him. As a male dancer, I'm extremely interested in seeing more footage of him, particularly this footage. My girlfriend was trained by Madame Legat, Soloviev's widow. At any rate, if anyone has an idea about how to obtain/view this doc... I'd be absolutely thrilled! So far I've found the distributor, and the producer's name Producer: Galina Mshankaya Distrib: Russian State Tele-Radio Company
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