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  1. Did anyone see Sara Mearns perform Odette/Odile today? If so, please report for the unfortunate, like myself, that could not get tickets to the sold out matinee. Thank You!
  2. Bought tickets today and just wanted to let you know that the performance is at 7:30PM, not 8PM as stated above. Thanks
  3. Unfortunately, they have not released a commerically available video of Rolando, however I am very lucky to have acquired many videos of Rolando Sarabia while I was in school and at competitions. The videos include him in competition,rehearsal, performances (galas, Cuba, etc), one of him doing pirouettes on the back of a chair, competition rehearsals, etc, etc The some of the videos also include Joel Carreno, Joan Boada, Tetsuya Kumakawa, Luis Serrano, Alihaydee(sp?) Carreno, Viengsay Valdes (sp?) Carlos Acosta, Jose Carreno etc, etc, etc. They are all AMAZING dancers!
  4. Danny Tidwell gone from the ABT roster?!?!?! NO! He is one of my favorite ABT rising dancers.
  5. This is the link to some exciting news!!! Rolando and Daniel Sarabia have both now defected. Daniel is with Boston Ballet and hopefully they will hire Rolando now that he is in the US. http://www.mexico.com/notimexico/?method=u...d=4149〈=eng Now that's dancing that is worth a trip to Boston!
  6. After visiting other company websites, it made me realize that ABT needs to update their website. For Example: Just saw on Cincinnati Ballet's website that Joseph Gatti from studio company is now a SOLOIST there!!-- Sounds like an awesome opportunity for him! Alex Wong (also from studio company) is now in the Miami City Ballet corps.
  7. Not exactly sure of the brunettes, but Maria Kowroski is for sure the dancer in red.
  9. OK, West Coasters!! Let's get the reviews on Giselle!! We never hear enough about SFB!! It's weird (well maybe its b/c I live on the East coast), but it seems like ballet is more East coast concentrated. Yet, we have great companies in the west: SFB, PNB, Oregon, etc. --it seems as though we don't hear as much news from the west coast companies. Any thoughts?
  10. Last I heard of Melissa Wishinski was that she left the Royal Ballet (a while ago), where she was in the Corps, and is now freelancing with many different companies. Who knows??
  11. One man asked me my thoughts on The Gates and I replied, "Well, I guess they are a little disappointing." His response was, "Well in my opinion, The Gates look like an out-of-control marketing strategy by Home Depot!"
  12. Well, I ended up going to see the RBS performance last night! I think I expected too much from the kids, and I left somewhat disappointed, feeling like I had seen a recital.I felt the dancing was strained, with awkward transitions from the dancers, lacking rehearsal, and stage presence. I will only mention the highlights of the evening (in my opinion), which was La Fille Mal Garde performed by Joseph Caley and a technically brilliant Japanese student--don't have my program in front of me- sorry! However, the RBS kids are still very young have so much potential. I hope to see them perform again in their future companies!!
  13. I have 1 ticket available for the Friday night performance and I am unable to attend. The ticket is for the orchestra and originally priced at $32. If anyone would like these tickets, please email me at COUTURETUTU@aol.com. THANKS
  14. Sharon, Thanks for all the reviews and links!!
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