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Summer Vacation

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I was just wondering what people have been doing this summer other than sitting in front of their computers posting to Ballettalk.

I've been gone for nearly five weeks and I got back to find an entirely new look to my favorite board! I feel I've missed so much... it's going to take me days to catch up on all the posting that's been done since the end of June.

We got back from our adventure up the Alaska Highway and back yesterday. We were gone 33 days, and although it was a fantastic trip, I am so glad to be home. Last night in my own shower and my own bed was heaven. I may never leave home again -- well, I do have to go shopping though, and yes there is work waiting out there for me on Monday... guess I'd better start to make out that grocery list and leave my readings and ramblings to another time. :wub:

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Thanks for the kind words, Doris. We're always open to (limited) rambling, especially in the summer. :wub:

Since an actual vacation is not in the offing for me this year, I amuse myself by reading and seeing dumb movies, although I confess my appetite for the latter is now exhausted after exposure to several of Hollywood's current big budget offerings. (I saw Jaws again recently on cable, the flick that got the blockbuster era rolling, and it's amazing -- a story! characters! strong script! strong actors! Those were the days.)

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My husband and I took a week long inland cruise (small ship; 139 people) in Alaska. Gorgeous! Home in time for me to take off again to welcome our new granddaughter, Sophia. Now we await the birth of our grandson, Jacob; when he makes his appearance I'll spend a week in Illinois getting to know him. Add to this reading, a week of ABT, knitting, and avoiding work as much as humanly possible.


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What a nice new thread.

We're heading down to the Outer Banks of North Carolina this weekend for some R & R with a bunch of old friends..a house on the dunes right on the water...a long, white beach that stretches out seemingly forever and great swimming, too. :thumbsup:

Doris R and Giannina, your trips sound absolutely wonderful! But dirac, please - don't remind me of "Jaws"! :shhh: :wink:

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Like many ballet parents, my summer vacation occurs on two levels:

Level 1 - a break from my usual ballet related taxi, etc., routine freeing me up for reading (the Shaara Civil War books this summer), gardening, home improvement projects, and hanging out with my husband who sometimes forgets what I look like during Nutcracker season!

Level 2 - the drop off/pick up at SI time away from home "vacation". Not complaining, our dancer's summer activities have taken us to some pretty fun places. This year it's Vancouver & Victoria. The weather and fresh air in Vancouver are absolutely splendid. Particularly looking forward to a few days in Victoria.

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My family and some friends drove to NYC and Washington, D.C. for a week to check out the museums and art galleries. We also saw NYCB and did some shopping!

Back in Toronto, I've been volunteering for the National Ballet, the AIDS Committee, the Harbourfront Centre, and the Canadian Opera Company for some of their special events. Most recently there was a Francophone festival at the Harbourfront which was a very nice opportunity for me to eat some crepes and practice my French!

Other than that, I've been taking lots of ballet classes at my studio and at a drop-in place, catching up on books and movies (since theatres only play summer blockbusters I've been renting all the foreign movies I meant to see during the school year), and taking a drawing and sketching course. This weekend I'm going camping for the first time in my life! Wish me luck :wink:

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No real vacation in the offing for husband and myself until we're no longer paying for colleges :shrug:

But I can still take day trips and little overnighters. We drove down to DC last weekend to pick up daughter from the WSB school and to see the performances. Unfortunately hubby lost his wallet so instead of visiting with BA friends, much of our 2 days in DC were actually spent trying to track it down, but alas, no luck.

Most of this summer is being spent working on home improvement projects. I'm teaching myself how to reupholster. I've also been stripping & applying wallpaper, and painting. And reading, of course.

But this week I make an overnight trip to visit Treefrog who's vacationing not too far away. I'm looking forward to that very much :yes:

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I'm much too busy getting ready for our imminent move to Philly (just 1 motnh away) to even think about taking a holiday at this time. It will take me 2 or 3 months after arriving to obtain a work permit in the USA and things at the moment are so crazed, I'm actually looking forward to a few months of enforced unemplyment :rolleyes:

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Not summer here in good old Oz, no summer holidays yet, just work, work, work and posting on Ballet Talk. However it is a lovely day today about 20 degrees Celsius. Actually we have had very little cold weather, I think we will have an early spring and another hot dry summer. I just hope that the bush fires give us a miss this summer and we get rain, most of the eastern states are still heavily drought effected.

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