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  1. Okay, I was there this weekend, on Halloween night and again Saturday afternoon. Honestly, I was prepared to not enjoy it, but in fact I did. Perhaps not the best choreographically, but it was FUN! The house really got into it, not just on Halloween night with several Draculas and other creatures in the seats, but again during the matinee with many senior citizen subscribers present. There was a woman seated in front of us who brought her five-year-old son Saturday. He was completely mesmerized with the show. She commented during intermission that she was pleased with how well he was doing but didn't know if he'd make it through the next two acts, but he did! I think he may have nodded off a little during the third act, but he seemed to love the action and colors of the act II Village Scene. (And, No, I am not recommending everyone take their five-year-olds to the ballet, this child was exceptional.) There were several children in the audience at both performances however, and the activity on stage really seemed to hold their interest. The ladies seated around us on Saturday afternoon were also very happy with the performance, and chatted happily during intermission about different aspects of the performance. Arantxa Ochoa danced Flora on Friday night and Svetlana on Saturday afternoon. Although I always enjoy her dancing, I think I preferred her as Svetlana, but I also enjoyed Dede Barfield's Svetlana on Friday night. Valerie Amiss danced Flora on Saturday afternoon and she even managed to make the third act variation with its rather strange choreography enjoyable to watch. She has such a beautiful expressive face. Jonathan Stiles was incredible as Renfield on Friday night as was James Ady as Fredrick. It was fun though on Saturday afternoon to watch the play between Arantxa as she danced Svetlana with her husband, Alexander Iziliaev dancing Fredrick. Both David Krensing (Friday) and James Ihde (Saturday) carried off the role of Dracula filling the stage with their presence and performance. (Of course the beautiful cape he wore made a statement on its own.) There are three casts of principals. I did not get to see Eddie Cieslack as Dracula and Amy Aldridge as Svetlana who opened the show on Thursday night and performed Saturday night -- they are the couple pictured on the program and the posters. The corps of brides was captivating, and the "folk dances" performed second act were lively and entertaining. Both the ribbon dance by the ladies, and the staff pounding and tossing by the men. And yes, the sets are massive and there is a coach, but for Dracula it works. It may not be classical ballet in the strict sense of the word -- but it is theater and fantasy and as I said -- FUN! Its being performed again today, and next weekend too, if you're in the area check it out.
  2. Ah...Socalgal, I appreciate what you're saying about having your BDD come "home", I know I was thrilled when mine came back East. But LA's gain would certainly be Philly's loss.
  3. I know I'm a little late jumping on the bandwagon -- but I haven't been on line much lately. We went to the Saturday evening and Sunday matinee shows. Saturday we were in the orchestra. This was my first time seeing Concerto Barocco. It was a dream. The principals were lovely and the corps was so beautiful and precise. (Of course the Bach didn't hurt either.) Sunday from the second balcony was great too, I love being able to watch the patterns from above. Amy Aldreidge, Arantxa Ochoa and Meredith Rainey were a delight on Sunday. Four T's has never been a favorite of mine -- I think its the impassive faces. I know that is the way it should be -- but its always bothered me. That said, I was captivated this time. I found that because the faces were so unemotional I actually watched the movement more. It was danced with such wonderful precision. I really enjoyed this ballet. Fancy Free -- another first for me! What fun -- three sailors on the town, and three pretty girls to flirt with them. I enjoyed both shows, but thought the Sunday matinee had a bit more energy -- maybe because it was the last performance of the show. Its so nice to see the guys have a chance to shine and on Sunday particularly the girls seemed to really enjoy their flirty moves. Its hard to believe that this ballet is nearly 60 years old. It was a fun weekend watching a beautiful company. Now .... on to Dracula.
  4. It may not be available any longer, but my daughter first fell in love with ballet by watching Baryshnikov's Nutcracker with Gelsey Kirkland.
  5. I was talking to a freind the other evening who first told me this. My initial response (having a tall dancing daughter) on hearing she was "fired for being to heavy" at 110 pounds 5'7" was that something must have been lost in the translation! Then this morning -- in between hurricane blurbs -- there it was again on the TODAY SHOW!!! They were making light of the whole thing, but the story was this 109 pound Bolshoi dancer was fired for being too heavy, and the dancers couldn't lift her. This is NOT something I want our young dancers to hear and take to heart. I can see starving adolescent ballet students collapsing in studios all over the country as they cut calories to the bone in an effort to be "not too heavy." Please, someone give us the real "skinny" on this story!!
  6. Socalgal -- Yes, I'll definitely be there. One of the advantages to living within a couple hours of Philadelphia is not having to miss any of the programs. Maybe we can meet for coffee sometime when you're here. Why don't you send me an email and we'll "talk."
  7. Yes, isn't it great? I love it when she gets her foot on the barre and can't get it back down -- now that I can relate to!
  8. Well fortunately, so far both my husband and I have been fastidious in making sure our cell phones are turned OFF before entering the theater. If you do it before you sit down -- its done! BUT... several months ago my daughter had finished dancing for the evening and was changed and watching in the wings while waiting for her husband to finish. She didn't bother to turn off her phone -- who would call her? Most of her friends and of course her husband were in the theater...except Mom. I wondered why when I called it rang about two times and was picked up and quickly extinguished. She called me later that night to explain.
  9. Thanks for sharing this Leigh. And yes, I see both men and women. Unfortunately with my budget this will be the only place I see them. I also enjoyed looking at the Maggie Parker site. Thank you Grace.
  10. Oh well...I guess I should add my Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto to the list, and hubby's Toredor Song. At least when they go off in the mall noone else thinks it theirs!
  11. I was just wondering what people have been doing this summer other than sitting in front of their computers posting to Ballettalk. I've been gone for nearly five weeks and I got back to find an entirely new look to my favorite board! I feel I've missed so much... it's going to take me days to catch up on all the posting that's been done since the end of June. We got back from our adventure up the Alaska Highway and back yesterday. We were gone 33 days, and although it was a fantastic trip, I am so glad to be home. Last night in my own shower and my own bed was heaven. I may never leave home again -- well, I do have to go shopping though, and yes there is work waiting out there for me on Monday... guess I'd better start to make out that grocery list and leave my readings and ramblings to another time.
  12. The season as a whole was delightful! Some programs more than others, and some ballets within the program more than others. The Valentine Weekend program of "Le Travail" and "Carmina Burana" was probably the one I most enjoyed -- despite nearly getting snowed in. One program that socialgal didn't mention was "Company B" which I had never seen before and thoroughly enjoyed. (Perhaps she wasn't able to make it back for that show.) I always enjoy watching the dancers -- they really seem to enjoy their work and communicate that to the audience. Arantxa Ochoa is absolutely incredible regardless what she is doing, and I'm looking forward to Valerie Amiss returning from her maternity leave. Both women emote beautifully. I empatize with socialgal's travel schedule, when our daughter was dancing in Texas we had a similar situation, although we only had to go half-way 'cross the country instead of coast-to-coast. I'm so enjoying having her only two hours away now. I too am looking forward to the new season. Although I've heard Dracula is more theater than dance, but I've never seen Taming of the Shrew and the new Swan Lake is an exciting prospect.
  13. Valerie and Eddie did have a baby boy. All are doing well by my last report, and I've been told the baby is beautiful! (of course.)
  14. I really enjoyed Concerto 488. It was light and fun and lovely, and music was beautiful. Firebird was an extravagant entertainment experience! I saw Arantxa as the Firebird both performances, and she always is a joy and pleasure to watch. The climax was something more out of a Vegas show than a ballet, and Hawley Rowe's costume as the priestess reminded me of Bob Macke Barbie! My brother-in-law doesn't enjoy "tutu and tiara" ballets and he really liked it. He said it was "G" rated until the Snake took the stage. But it was fun -- the audience seemed to love it, and they left the theater smiling. (My daughter thought they should take it on the road to Atlantic City.)
  15. A couple little things come to mind on this subject. The first was when my daughter was having her "audition class" at WSB at age 11. She was told that Miss Day would not be teaching the class that day, they had a guest teacher -- Martine VanHamel, [who at that time was still dancing with ABT.] My daughter just blinked and got teary, the realization that this was the "real thing" was a quite a shock. The other was several years ago when she was dancing with Miss Farrell. We were out and when we got home there was a message on my answering machine. It was Suzanne Farrell leaving a message for my daughter to call her back. I didn't want to erase it!
  16. When I was in school we read! There was a list of "Great Books" that were, if not required, highly encouraged reading -- not all those on the list, but several from each group were expected to be "ours" as we went through junior and senior high. We had community volunteers who would come to school to listen to our required oral book reports as well as the written ones we turned in to our teachers. (Public school in the long-ago 60's.) And I loved reading -- anything and everything, it was a wonderful way to go places and experience things that a girl growing up in a small rural area of Pennsylvania would otherwise never know. My daughter loved reading until she hit sixth grade and the required curriculum we had then was kind of scary -- coming of age, death and dying stories, ie. The Bridge to Terabithia and A Day No Pigs Will Die. I'll never forget that when she was reading "Pigs" she was sitting in the living room sobbing. I had never read the book and she handed it to me, then we were both in tears. (After that, I read the books too to fend off any problems.) I had a child who loved reading turn into a kid who hated it because she felt too deeply. Happily, in recent years she has rediscovered the joy in books that she knew as a young child. The last two years the school system where I work has really put a push on reading, encouraging students to choose books and become involved with them, but sadly that is changing with our new Superintendent of Schools. (Not quite sure where his direction is going.)
  17. About the Hillary book ... our principal said she wanted to read it, as did a couple of teachers who happend through the office while the discussion was going on. I definitely want to read it! Some of us admire her...some of us don't. But we're all intrigued. (Can I at least say that as a mom she seemed to do a good job?)
  18. On my bedside table this week is John Grisham's The Painted House. Last weekend though was James Patterson's The Beach House -- a fun, quick summertime read. And yes, I too am waiting for the new Harry Potter.
  19. A book club? What a delightful idea. Several of us at school have been talking about doing that, including our media specialist. We're just having a difficult time finding a book to start out with -- one that none of us have read yet. Summer vacation is nearly upon us though... it may have to wait until everyone gets back in August.
  20. Absolute favorite as a child? Little Women, and I gave both my girls a copy when they were around ten years old.
  21. Alexandra -- you're right, and my daughter would agree with you! (I guess this is not the time to admit to the teddies in tutus.)
  22. Doris R

    Paul Sutherland

    I remember Paul Sutherland, but I never saw him perform. He used to teach at the National Cecchetti Conference in Michgan. Miss Ruiz taught there too, but I didn't remember them as being married. I knew they both danced with Joffrey, so they may have been a couple. My daughter enjoyed studing with both of them as a young student. She adored Miss Ruiz.
  23. But then... how many little girls have gone to see Sleeping Beauty and look for the three fairies Disney created? (by the way... the newer Barbie Ballerinas don't turn out from the knees, as for the fingers, well the hands aren't all that bad either.) YES!!!! I confess!!! I own several Ballerina Barbies! Help me!
  24. What a great thread! I've never been distracted by others' elbows, so they must be keeping them at their sides as I do. But what do I use mine for? Well, I've admitted I enjoy facial expression, but I like to check out the details on the costumes!
  25. I have to admit, corps dancing I try to watch it all, but during a variation, although I'm watching the entire package so to speak, if the face is not right I'm disappointed. I want that dancer to make me feel what she or he is feeling, don't give me Odette without emotion, I want to cry. Don't give me Auroura deadpan, I want to feel her youth and joy. And that Cowboy -- he'd better have a Texan attitude.
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