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  1. Attended the Saturday evening performance of Spartacus. Was fairly disappointed overall but there were a couple of bright spots. We saw Yuri Klevtsov as Spartacus, Alexander Volchkov as Crassus, Alexandra Antonicheva as Frigia and Maria Allash as Aegina. I think our disappointment was mainly due to high expectations, the technique in particular. The men, in general, were the larger disappointment as we've seen much stronger dancing in corps members from other companies than we saw in lead dancers - a principal dancer who appears barely able to execute a double pirouette? The acting of t
  2. Back to ABT opting out of OC performances this year . . . Interesting decision. We've attended ABT performances at both OCPAC and the Music Center and it always seems that the Orange County performances are better attended. I'm glad to see more dance performances in LA but sad to see it at OC's expense.
  3. Also not what you are looking for, but very similar. My daughter has a copy of the ABT 45th anniversary booklet from 1985. It's a fabulous piece with all the photos in sepia tones. The photos were done by Gilles Larrain. A friend had it sitting on her bookshelf for about 17 years before giving it to my daughter as a gift so keep searching and I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for.
  4. I attended the Saturday evening performance at OCPAC. Not knowing what to expect, I was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed the performance. The acting (and dancing) ability of the dancers was amazing. I also really enjoyed the choreography and how well the dancers movement expressed the "story". A lot going on the stage at times and perhaps you really couldn't take it all in just watching the performance once . . .
  5. Did anyone else attend the Jewels performances at OCPAC? We were at the Saturday evening performance. I'm not familiar with any of the Kirov dancers so can't comment on who performered what without referring to my program. It was my first time seeing Jewels. The music was lovely and well performed by the orchestra. The staging was beautiful and costumes were exquisite I kept using my binoculars to get a closer look at the detail. Heard great reviews of the performances earlier in the week and really wish I could have attended. PS - the Disney concert hall is amazing!
  6. There's a section on this site that has ballet reviews, if you don't find what you are looking for there, try www.ocregister.com, go to "show" and then perform a search for pacifica. The Orange County Register is our local paper and does a pretty good job of covering local arts. I did a quick search on their web site and found a story on the Pacific Choreography Project but I think you'll have to register at their site to be able to read it. Every year, I plan to attend the Pacifica Choreography Project program, but every year it seems that something comes up. Next year!
  7. Like many ballet parents, my summer vacation occurs on two levels: Level 1 - a break from my usual ballet related taxi, etc., routine freeing me up for reading (the Shaara Civil War books this summer), gardening, home improvement projects, and hanging out with my husband who sometimes forgets what I look like during Nutcracker season! Level 2 - the drop off/pick up at SI time away from home "vacation". Not complaining, our dancer's summer activities have taken us to some pretty fun places. This year it's Vancouver & Victoria. The weather and fresh air in Vancouver are absolutely splen
  8. I was fortunate to be able to see two ABT performances this week - Wednesday and Saturday evening. I posted about Wednesday evening The Dream et al on "Recent Performances." As far as Saturday, I agree with other comments made. It was a great night for ballet. Irina gave such a confident performance. Don Q is a really fun ballet with so many characters and lots of dancing. Very entertaining. We attended the preview talk prior to the program where it was mentioned that there were three different casts for each act of the Saturday matinee performance. That's what I call getting your m
  9. Attended the Wednesday evening performance of The Dream, Pas de Deux, and Harrison Tribute. Was able to get GREAT seats even though we waited until just before the show to purchase them. First tier, box seats - a very nice viewing location. The Dream was beautiful. It was my first time watching Alessandra Ferri and I thought she was very lovely as Titania. Ethan Stiefel as Oberon was also very good, but Herman Cornejo as Puck was my favorite! Amazing leaps and turns and the perfect personality for this part. The set was gorgeous and costumes spectacular. And the music was so well per
  10. Thanks for the help. Next question - first cast dances which performance - opening night, Saturday night? ABT is the only major company that tours here every year (now twice a year) and it seems that when casting is announced, I'm usually seeing the same people - I have season seats for Saturday evenings. Not that I mind, I'm just curious. Yes, the letter did indicate that only "The Dream" would be taped, but it said both the Wednesday and Thursday evening performances would be taped. Stiefel & Ferri are scheduled to dance "The Dream" both nights. Stiefel & Ferri in "The Dream" w
  11. Received in the mail yesterday a letter from the OC Performing Arts Center mentioning that two of ABT's upcoming performances will be taped for PBS (Wed & Thurs performances of "The Dream." Letter included a press release about the ABT performances including casting which got me thinking - how do they decide who performs when? Is there any particular order that ballet companies use to make these decisions? Barring any changes, we'll see Irina & Max.
  12. We attended the Saturday evening performance. I had read through previous threads on this board regarding Eifman so we definitely were not expecting classical. We also attended the preview which helped to make sense of the story. The dancing was nice - lovely dancers and interesting lines created by the choreography. I didn't care for either the costumes or sets which were very ordinary. They performed to taped music. Signs at the box office indicated the performance was for "mature audiences". The more risque scenes reminded me typical Hollywood entertainment where overtly explicit
  13. Saw the Saturday evening performance of Neighborhood Ballroom. Somehow, I thought we were supposed to see the mixed rep which was actually held on Friday. There was an addition to the program explaining the story line which we didn't get until after the first act so we didn't even know what the story was about. Some quick reading during the intermission after the 2nd act and we had it figured out. The performance was really long - four acts and an epilogue with full 15-minute intermissions between each act. I'm not certain if the training of a classical dancer really prepares one the styl
  14. Shanynrose: If by "civilization" you mean the greater Orange County area, you may want to check out some of the smaller local venues for modern and contemporary ballet/dance performances. Our favorite is the Barkley at UC Irvine but there are several in the area. The tickets are less expensive than OC Performing Arts and there is a much greater variety of modern and contemporary performances to choose from.
  15. Dancing daughter and I attended the Friday evening performance of Romeo & Juliet. It was a lovely performance with Yseult Lendvai as Juliet and Jason Reilly in his first performance as Romeo. The sets were beautiful. Far from an expert, but I was disappointed with the symphony who seemed to be struggling wit the Pokofiev score. The timing of this performance couldn't have been more appropriate as dd has been studying Romeo & Juliet - reading the book and watching movie videos in school. She was on the edge of her seat watching the story unfold.
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