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  1. Somewhere in the 60's, I called Maria Bekefi up for private lessons. I believe that she lived in the San Fernando Valley. I was a shy teenager and what I remember of the conversation was that she asked me what kind of attitude I had and I replied 'Cecchetti" which made her a little irritated. (I assumed that she probably meant if I had a serious attitude or not.) She told me her price which was around $20 and I gulped because that would take me quite a while to save that since I only earned 25-50 cents an hour babysitting. I couldn't confirm a time because I didn't have the money saved up
  2. Mme. Hermine, Maestro George Daugherty (conductor for this performance) has been searching high and low for this video as he just found out about the passing of premier danseur, Richard Cragun, and would like a copy of this video as a memento. This clip has been "removed". Do you happen to know where and how this was originally posted? Or who to contact to get a copy? Thank you.
  3. I would love to hear more about Marie-Jeanne. Paul, could you be so kind to expound and jiggle your memory for anymore tidbits on the meeting of Gisella and Marie-Jeanne? Thank you.
  4. Here's another thank-you for creating such a valuable collection of important youtube clips. For me, your contribution is the most significant one on the subject of ballet history.
  5. With great respect, I write my recollections of Zina. I, too, remember the heavy tights and did recall that she mentioned lymphedema. She also used to talk about her hip replacement because of hip dysplasia. She was very young to have gone through that and still was dancing. She said that she had an excellent doctor who understood the demands of ballet dancing and gave her a joint with greater range of motion. So great, that it was her better and more turned out leg and she couldn't wait to have her other one done so that it could match the other one. She seemed very nice, open and frien
  6. Paul Maure, dancer with the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo, Le Grand Ballet du Marquis de Cuevas and the Folies Bergere, has passed away in the presence of his friends and family in Southern California, Jan. 19, 2012. He was married to de Cuevas dancer, Andrea Karlsen, for 29 years. He is survived by his children, Paul Jr. and Gabriella Maure. He and his wife were the directors of International Ballet Studio in La Canada, CA, where they started a ballet company, Ballet des Arts, in 1964. That company was the first ballet company to perform at the Los Angeles Music Center and was resident comp
  7. I knew her briefly in Los Angeles when she was dancing for John Clifford's Los Angeles Ballet. We would take classes together. She would make me laugh when she would say that she wanted to be by me because I was "so together" and that I would keep her on track with "what she needed right now". I'd go to lunch with her and we would talk about health, about her child (a son, I believe) and about her career, her life after her career and her dreams of opening a holistic ballet academy. She was a warm and wonderful human being. She was very kind to me and we both enjoyed each other's company.
  8. Thank you, Gina, for posting this on Bruce Bain. I only knew him for 4 years and would like to help immortalize him with some of my memories, so that he won't be gone in vain. Bruce was very manly looking. Swashbuckling good looks, strong physique, beautiful legs and feet for a man. He did a lot of movie work and can be seen in a lot of musicals that starred Audrey Hepburn. He's very evident in "My Fair Lady" and "Doctor Doolittle", I remember. I knew him in San Francisco Ballet, where he excelled in the drunk duo in "Filling Station" with Jocelyn Vollmar. Perfection. He was an excelle
  9. I was fortunate to study with Marjorie in 1980 when she had just moved to that huge studio loft, at a time when teachers were losing their spaces. Her husband/ SO played the piano for her classes. Living in NY, literally, hand-to-mouth, I believe that I found Majorie as a teacher through Ann Marie DeAngelo. I knew immediately that her style of teaching was for me, healing and comforting and a haven in that large city. The classes were kind on the body and she always had a nice word or correction for everyone. I believe that I actually expressed to her my appreciation for her nuturing teac
  10. My Margot Fonteyn memories date back to the mid 1960's, where I would make sure to catch every performance that she and Nureyev would do at the Hollywood Bowl. The magic in the air would have fueled any young student towards aspiring a dance career, as it did with me. Through the years, I've seen the famous duo do "Romeo and Juliet", "Swan Lake", "Giselle", "Les Sylphides"; almost their whole personal repertory with each other. Dancing-wise, it's hard to forget Margot's famous run with her silk cape to Friar Lawrence or her death scene with that final falling of the head and arm off the be
  11. My early training was while living in Southern California. I am familiar with Michel Panaieff and Paul Maure. I took only a couple of classes from Misha. He was a character, with quite the loyal following. His school was colorful with a huge wall of famous dancer autographs. Hollywood used his school for rehearsals, as did various acts (I saw Ann Maragret rehearse her Vegas show there). He had a very friendly personality, easy with a smile and interesting joke. He adopted a man who was in his 20's, because "David never had a father and I never had a son". He would come to my ballet st
  12. I heard from a good friend who went to Arpino's final tribute. She had mentioned she was a little sad that it was a little uncharacteristic of representing who Arpino was as a person/director. The only eulogy that touched upon who he was as a person was Shelly Zide, speaking of his courage. The company performed, apparently very under rehearsed, three ballets: Light Rain, Round of Angels, and the last movement from Trinity. The famous lighted candles effect on the stage was ruined by a dancer accidentally knocking down many of the candles. My friend thought she could see Arpino rolling h
  13. I can only attest to Oregon Ballet Theatre's attendance and it was a full house the night I attended in early October. They were doing "Swan Lake" and they seem to be consistent with selling out with this ballet. They have really reasonable subscription prices, which my tickets were, which makes me feel privileged to see this ballet and to hear their resident orchestra for the pittance that I pay. Support live theatre!
  14. Gina, I know you from San Francisco Ballet. I just saw you and Gardner at the reunion! My name is Deborah Macejunas, now Higginbotham. I loved you and your dancing decades ago, and want everyone to know that Gina is as real, sweet, intelligent in person as she is in print. I remember now that Gardner was a student at Eugene Loring's school. It took me a while to jar my memory, though it is strange our paths never crossed. Love to you and Gardner and your family! And it was so good to see your smiling faces last March.
  15. I'm pretty old, but not old enough to have seen Marie-Jeanne dance, which I really regret. I attended an OBT performance last year, that featured a end of performance discussion with Marie-Jeanne. When I heard her name, I made sure that I would make the time to participate. With eyes not so sharp at seeing far-a-way anymore, the illusion that Marie-Jeanne gave was a very youthful one, maybe 20-30 years younger than her age. It looked as if she had reddish hair, which I thought very cool for an older woman. She spoke with great energy and I ate up every word, smiling and delighted to see h
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