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  1. Although I have been a member of BA since 2000 (some of my posts got cut through a restructuring) and I was even a BTfD moderator for a while, it is rare that I post anything. This is for bingham (and Maga11) who were unable to attend any of ABT's La Fille performances. bingham has been my BA pal and we both have hoping to have a chance to see La Fille again for over a decade now and have been sharing dream casting every year. You would have loved it bingham! The night was so special, knowing that many of the attendees were there to support Ms. Murphy's 20th anniversary. There were still empt
  2. We saw Stella and Alex last year and loved them. Honestly, their take on specific nuances in the grand pas made more sense to me than any other pair I have seen perform Ratmansky's production. I love Gillian and James but Stella and Alex nailed it last year in Brooklyn. t
  3. Our prayers have been answered! With La Fille, Sylvia and Company B we will be making many trips into NYC from Pennsyltucky.
  4. As peppy as Tico Tico is as a song, I feel the dancers at ABT have been coached well in portraying a shell shocked young man. Dodging bullets, cringing from shadows - I saw nothing light in this piece when ABT performed it.
  5. Congrats to all and I say FINALLY to some of the home-grown team!
  6. Just like Bingham, Ashton's La Fille Mal Gardé, as we have been wishing for a decade now.
  7. If I am remembering correctly, Herman's turns were spot on in the Gate Scene. I always look to this scene as a real hallmark of how well the main gentlemen are cast against each other; I love this dance. I enjoyed the 3 being similar in build but Benvolio kept "drawing my eye" and not in a good way. At a point when they all 3 should have been together, Mr. Simkin was a bit wild in his execution and I kept thinking he was about to break into a solo while Romeo and Mercutio were perfectly matched.
  8. Wonderful news! I feel so fortunate to have seen them in Romeo & Juliet this season. Congratulations to Ms. Seo and Mr. Hammoudi!
  9. I so wanted to see last evening's performance after seeing Mr. Gomes and Ms. Vishneva in "Onegin." Thank you for your insights!I will be fortunate to see Mr. Hammoudi and Ms. Seo at the upcoming Wednesday matinee. So many exciting debutes this week!
  10. I am hoping to read your take on Sunday's performances comparing casts of Seven Sonatas, the two Taylor works Company B to Black Tuesday and how you felt about that specific performance of In the Upper Room. I was surprised at the similarities between Company B and Black Tuesday right down to the casting of Salstien in the almost duplicate roles of “Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny, Oh” and “Are you making any money?”. I much prefer Company B and the lighting has a lot to do with it.
  11. The role is Simkin's but the company has other dancers ready to dance the role. Second cast's Arron Scott's version is different. I only saw the second cast on Friday so can not give details other than what I am told is called an "aerial cartwheel" was replaced by a switch leap.t
  12. I beg to differ; Sascha was always a team player, a boon to the entire company and his unifying influence has been missed.
  13. I am so glad someone could put what I feel about Sylvia into words. I know the audience will be filled with enthusiastic families on 7/4 and I will be joining them. Excited to see Alex Hammoudi's Orion!t
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