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  1. She has great jumps but I am not a fan of her upper body movements and I feel like every time she is on stage I see too many technical issues. I am shocked and disappointed at the award. What happened to Indiana Woodward, Unity Phelan, Roman Mejia, Preston Chamblee, Silas Farley, Sara Adams, Devin Alberda, Peter Walker, Emily Kitka, Miriam Miller, Bologna, Habony, Kayali, Hod, Sanz, C VonEnck, ... and the list goes on. The new AD is telling us he is picking his stable of dancers and those that have been waiting ... well, moving on ... I cannot imagine what those generations of dancers are feeling.
  2. NYCB was on-fire last night, the Friday night show! Seeing the show two days in a row, like night-and-day. Marie and the Prince, both confident and delightful. LaFosse was magical, literally. Daniel Ulbricht owns the hoop as Candy Cane. Davide Riccardo might be my new favorite Mother Ginger - he had a happy groove working. Sara Adams was technically perfect as Marzipan. Roman Mejia is another super-jumper in Tea! Laine Habony and Olivia MacKinnon were in perfect, glorious tandem as demi-Flowers (they always pair up fantastically). It was great to see Ashley Bouder back on stage after her ankle-issue - she was all smiles. But the night belonged to Indiana Woodward as Dewdrop - perfection in every way.
  3. Was at the NYCB matinee today - I wanted to catch Emily Gerrity as SFP but I also wanted to see little Charlotte Nebres as Marie. Neither disappointed. As Marie, Charlotte was very sweet, very much in the role but in a soft, non-dramatic way. She is not an aggressive little girl - and at times was not the presence the role needs, at times it was easy to lose her on stage. Regardless, I enjoyed her greatly. The little Prince, was very self-assured and also did a wonderful job. The first act was a little boring today. Not enough energy. This carried over with most of the corps dancers in Snow and Flowers in the 2nd Act - boring. I can imagine the dancers weren't feeling it so much, coming in after being off yesterday. And that's ok I guess because the crowd loved the show and everyone just respects all they give in their long season. Emily Gerrity started out the second act as everything you could ask for in a SFP - her variation was light, glamorous, precise, sure-footed. It was better than I expected - her early years in featured roles were very strained, but not today. Next up, Laine Habony and Alec Knight were a great couple and both brought some high energy to Hot Chocolate. Habony's classical training is apparent, has great feet, perfectly sassy, great jumping. Knight lifted her incredibly high, with ease, always smiling - both were in the Spanish moment! Emily Kikta was the perfect balance of strength and slinkiness in Coffee - she is my favorite Coffee, very dark and mysterious with lovely arms and legs, always with the right amount of self-assuredness. It's a role that suits her very well. KJ Takahashi’s jumps were impressive and his musicality was spot on in Tea. His partners, though, were a little off today and really needed to point their feet in such a visible dance. Roman Mejia is such an delight as Candy Cane but he was fighting his hoop a little today - not the normal. Even so, his jumps were high, he had the speed and he made the crowd cheer happily. Claire Von Enck led Marzipan with delightful, humble authority. She executed all her steps with solid technique throwing in a wonderful triple pique turn. Her port de bras were very lovely. Gilbert Bolden was having a blast today as Mother Ginger. He is always a high-energy presence every time he takes the stage. But the disappointment of the day was Bailey Jones as Dewdrop. Her jump is quite phenomenal but her upper-half lacks any fluidity or sparkle for the role. Her feet could not seem pointe. With exception to the 3rd run-on, the entire variation was forced and sadly unpleasant to watch. Great disappointment with NYCB that this was the only Dewdrop debut? Flowers corps did not seem cohesive, lots of floppy arms and bored faces. The only consolation for Flowers was watching Miriam Miller and Mary Sell perform with great timing, pure joy and perfect synchronicity. Emily Gerrity and Jovani Furlan wrapped things up with the Pas, which started out very fumbled. Gerrity was struggling both with her turns and arms and Furlan seemed timid but they quickly pulled things together, ending the last 30-45 seconds with an absolutely beautiful, solid bang. Both dancers final variations were just fun to watch - especially Gerrity! I appreciate the sacrifices these amazing dancers give every day - good or bad! They are the hardest working dancers out there.
  4. Agree. There are a lot of ladies in NYCB. There are a lot of SFP. Even with limited studio time and ballet master time, it's just a matter of having plenty of SFP. We know from social media that at least two NYCB dancers (Pascouguin, Habony) have been rehearsing SFP since Martins was the AD. To be fair to those dancers, it's my opinion that they have been on hold since Martin's departure. While it is very customary for a dancer to understudy/rehearse for many years before gracing the stage at classical ballet companies, Martins did not always do that - and I believe Stafford is no different - he is certainly driving Nadon before what I believe is her time. I think it builds so many qualities by waiting. But ADs all have their favorites and will find a spot regardless studio time. Let's hope Stafford doesn't pass up those beautiful ladies that have been patiently working hard. I see so much discussion on BA about promotions and I feel this is the same scenario. There are a lot of soloists and principals at NYCB. And there are only so many dollars. It is my opinion that once there are some retirements, you might seem promotions. The board has to agree, etc. and it has to make sense - not just because some fans love one dancer. My vote, as soon as the money comes available, is Indiana Woodward - she is consistent and can do anything beautifully. The only corps member I see doing featured roles consistently is Miriam Miller. We had all hoped it would be Isabelle LaFreinerre but she has spent so much time injured. Both dancers are technically amazing and lovely to watch in different ways. Anyway! We all had some hopes for more women debuts. Maybe next year!
  5. No injury. She is on the schedule for Jan 05, for sure - super exciting to see her every time! Those that had been rehearsing, still no debuts (Pascoguin, Habony for sure). It would have been nice! Maybe next year.
  6. omg i feel like a jerk to drive this but I can find so many photos that represent her happy face! Maybe we are not at the same shows! But i do get to the ballet 10+ times a season! She is gorgeous - face and body. I hope you get a better chance to see her in the future. She is literally gorgeous to watch.
  7. Oh, that's not petty, but definitely unusual for Laine Habony - I just saw her last Sunday as Demi Flowers and she was glorious - her face was incredibly happy and her smile was beautiful! Same with every show I've seen her in - Wrens, Everywhere We Go, etc. Maybe she was being Spanish! Laine is one of my favorites to watch for great face! She looked pretty happy doing SFP with Steven Loch on Instagram recently!
  8. Well said .... I have been moved to tears more than once over such dancers. Let's hope this discussion continues and we do not lose such treasure.
  9. That's my old stomping ground! I plan on returning for one show. Ill share a report!
  10. Looks like you will get to see Miriam Miller as coffee. She has the technical competency and is gorgeous to look at. I am hoping for lots of sultry from her this season - exciting! It is a great role for expanding that side of performance. Still nothing new for Habony, Staker or Bologna - great disappointment here. The roster is full (even with Bouder out) but it's time to put those two dancers forward. I am with you on reaching a limit this year - I see 5+ NYCB Nutcrackers a season and so far am bored with the lineup through week 3. Lots of potential in the mid-ranks not being used in the last 5-6 seasons since Martin's departure. It seems things just got stuck for this group? And as much as I love to see the new dancers get chances, I am still disappointed that those dancers that were new dancers seem to have gotten lost in the transition years. Maybe one of those girls will get a shot at Swan Lake in the Winter - back to Habony on this one. She did a NYCB Anatomy of Dance video about Swan Lake. It would be perfect to see her get a shot at Odette/Odile - she has everything needed to be a star there.
  11. Yes and she is lovely. Could be a little quicker but I bet she comes up this year more comfortable with what's needed.
  12. Kicks and LaFreniere have both done Dewdrop. Hopefully LaFreniere will be well enough for the role. i hope we finally get to see Laine Habony as SPF. I enjoy Kitka and LaFreniere but Habony has every quality necessary for a glorious performance. She reminds me of Darci Kitsler - which is a compliment of the highest order. I see she is on first week as Hot Chocolate with Daniel Applebaum. Let’s hope this is her year as it seems from social media she has been rehearsing it for years, starting as a student in the tours for SAB. Alston McGill will be an exciting debut! She will make a great marzipan. I wonder if NYCB has any taller men coming up soon from SAB. They could use a few.
  13. Yes !! And Clara Miller (Instagram) is injured so Ashley Hod moved into the third movement and LeCrone stepped in. Great job to all!!!
  14. I almost replied they are all favorite .... and in a way, they are! But yes, there are some I believe to be extra special. Both Adams and Habony were also in Not our Fate, both in the Times, Habony has an Anatomy of Dance video and several other publications such as Teen Vogue.... they all seem very plugged in during and out if season. And I guess my post came across wrong. And I’ll keep rooting for my favs too! And that’s a bunch!
  15. This is a very complete analysis and I agree. I want to share a post I saw about the student I mentioned earlier, as a quick follow up. But first I want to share I caught NYCB last night. To start, the crowd was insane for Serenade. The crowd energy was so electric you could feel it as the curtain rose. There were guest clapping before a single dancer had moved an arm with the ethereal light. Serenade is always a justly favorite and it was a treat to be surrounded by so many enthusiastic admirers. Last night might have been one of the best corps performances I have witnessed - so together, great timing. What magic! Summerspace was iconic, not my favorite. But I was glad to see it. Quick notes on Ballet Imperial - Bouder's shoes squeaked the entire time which was a distraction to her beauty. Most of the corps was a disaster - so disappointed - specifically Mira Nadon and India Bradley, neither could stay on a line, use the arms effectively or keep up with timing. It is a ballet that shows those that can and those that cannot keep up with the attack needed for Balanchine. Maybe it was a bad night but I was very disappointed some of the corps. But on a very positive note - Lauren King stole the show once again. She is the embodiment of a Balanchine ballerina. She is effortless, energetic, musical and performance quality exudes joy. And the two corps members that caught my eye were Ashley Hod and Laine Habony - same reasons .... attack, speed, musicality all with a smile exuding confidence and joy - both in Serenade and Ballet Imperial. So back to the dancer that prompted your great breakout. It's my opinion that Laine Habony along with several other dancers hit a bad-timing with NYCB - which has to be a disappointment for a dancer that had so many opportunities available, chose NYCB, on-stage every day and is also an embodiment of a Balanchine ballerina (and the sacrifice made by her family to support that). Sara Adams, Jaqueline Bologna, Laine Habony, Ashley Hod, Preston Chamblee, Ghalab Kayali ..... this generation that was slowly being cast up when Martins was going out. I hope that NYCB does not pass over this group of talent and it is my concern they will. Yes, some of the dancers have been injured on/off but not enough to leave them out. It is also my opinion that the years with the interim team the casting was 'friends casting friends' and unless you were on that friend list, you were out. Not that we dont love Indiana Woodward! Or Unity Phelan. So back to last night (and all season really) - as the season closes I am once again confirmed that NYCB is amazing! I also hope they will get out of this box of casting the same people over and over and over. And they will look back to some of the dancers that have been workhorses and cultivate them to the next level.
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