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  1. So much to love about online streaming. But so paradoxical - to replace the stage with online viewing. I hope every ballet company around the world has content to stream and uses this for fundraising. Hopefully the future will be monthly subscriptions for continued viewing! Not only will this help with much needed funds, but is creating new generations of donors and supporters of the arts (all of them). I feel so lucky as I am not a young person any longer, in the theater audience. Now I am safely viewing at my desk! Thank you, everyone, for sharing so many great suggestions and lin
  2. Dancers are paid in several ways including a base pay, or what you all a flat rate per week. But they are also compensated for time in the studio, over time, the number of shows they perform, etc.
  3. Sitting her enjoying the online streaming of Diamonds one last time, I am in continual awe of Sara Mearns lack of circumscription, leaving everything she has on the stage. I love Teresa Reichlan, equally as well for the same reasons. But we can only have one ballerina this go around. Russell Janzen is a handsome, generous partner and he could only be proud of this performance. And not to leave out the corps de ballet, their effort was stellar with great energy and synchronistic delicacy. I do miss Lydia Wellington! I also am a huge fan of Laine Habony. Her smile is not innocent or
  4. I love to watch Sara Adams. I wish we could see her on stage as much as we see Unity Phelan. So many dancers we do not see enough of in featured roles.
  5. Circling back to this .... NYCB Nutcracker is on TDF - several times this season!! I wonder is this a first on Nut tickets - does anyone know? I personally have never seen that. NYCB has been posting on Instagram and Facebook that tickets are available for 'these days' and posting the casts' photos on Instagram. To me, it seems desperate - and worrisome. While I find this is great to support offer casting info via social media, it seems something is amiss at NYCB. No promotions. No real debuts. Same dancers/casts over and over. mid-level corps that have been in a holding patter
  6. I so wish I could head north and see the show tomorrow - I would love to see AG as SFP! I hope you are able to attend much! Happy Holidays! J
  7. I think her face is beautiful to look it. She is wasted in the corps. She should be doing many featured roles. And it's a shame. Maybe she was frustrated last night. Regardless, I think she is model-quality beautiful. I just saw ABT in California today and it was a great show - my family loved it - I wish it had been NYCB but we will take ABT in Cali! Wishing everyone a happy Nutcracker season. J
  8. I was fortunate to catch today's matinee. Lane is not my favorite dancer but the overall experience was fantastic. The theater, staff, parking, etc. were all a great experience with my family - we had 10 so it was a big deal. The show did not disappoint. I love that ABT comes to California to put on this production and shares - very important. And to bring home Misty Copeland is a treat. I was sorry I did not have time to see her performance. Wishing them all the best this season!
  9. Correct. It was Martin’s that was pushed dancers forward fast, promoting in just a few years like a marketing push. Balanchine had a few too but dancers owned roles. Most companies - it takes years to get a lead. City ballet has a different rep and needs the dancers to fill in at times. But I disagree with skipping over the mid-level corps de ballet and taking a 2-year corps dancer and giving them soloist/principal roles. I fear Stafford is going to drive Nadon like that and she is definitely not ready. I don’t see the technique - she has potential but they ALL do. And I think those
  10. I agree. She has a hard time completing a turn by the end of a variation. Like she runs out of gas or gives up. Martin’s liked the opposite of the “Balanchine body”, as well - which is LeCrone.
  11. I believe there is impact. Obviously with the new Marie this year, NYCB will see a sales jump, especially for her shows. I believe its why they added the Children's Casting to the website for the first time. I also believe New Yorkers are very loyal to the arts and there are many ballet lovers - dancers like Mearns, Bouder, Peck ... they all draw a following. I would not say casting is a deal-breaker. But it's definitely an incentive for some ticket buyers That's why NYCB posts casting in advance - lassoing in the fans who know who is who. Martins was, if nothing else, very business sav
  12. The year Martins gave us 14 SFP debuts was a real treat. It gave the fans something to get excited about. I am still holding out hope for Laine Habony to debut SFP. She also posted on Instagram that she was still rehearsing this - and I believe she has been since Martin's tenure. That's a long time to still not get that debut. Maybe this year for her and Gina Pazcoguin? We still have a few weeks. I have blogged about the lack of debuts along with the choices of casting and the poor technique in some of these casting choices. Alstair Macaulay broached the issue of declining technique re
  13. I just finished reading Twyla's new book and I throughly enjoyed it (maybe because we are almost the same age!) - I love her perspective, her approach and honestly her sense of humor. She is a gift in so many ways. What a legacy.
  14. I do wish I could attend one of these performances! Enjoy, Costa Mesa!
  15. Tiler Peck and Sterling Hyltin are always my favorite SPF. And of course Indiana Woodward can dance anything beautifully. A little too soon to know about the debuts but I also HOPE to see Laine Habony either as Dewdrop or SPF (with Preston Chamblee would be my pick) this year - I see she is opening the week as Hot Chocolate. And she does remind me of Darci Kistler as well (which I also know to be a complement). Very happy to see Alston McGill as Marzipan in the first week. I would like to see more of Jacqueline Bologna - Marzipan, Dewdrop, Chocolate. Daniel Ulbricht is a treasure
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