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  1. That's what I get for looking at the computer without my glasses. Thank you for catching that.
  2. Agreed. And Silas did an outstanding job this past summer at MOMA. He has a natural curiosity for dance history and is proving himself as a becoming scholar. Easy to imagine from a young man who turned down several ivy league scholarships to dance. Bravo for him.
  3. I am very excited about the addition of Jovani - I saw him perform at the Nantucket Dance festival a few years back and he was lovely. I hope NYCB finds more tall men to fill the roster soon, as well.
  4. She was so lovely to watch. I had the pleasure of photographing her in 1967. What a sad day for us all.
  5. JanLevNYC


    Thank you very much ~Jan
  6. https://www.nycballet.com/NYCB/media/NYCBMediaLibrary/PDFs/Press/Casting/NYCB-Casting_September-17-22-2019.pdf 2nd week casting is up. Is Laine Habony injured? I was very surprised she was not cast in the pas de trois in Emeralds for the first week and I do not see her cast in a Raymonda variation - what a shame. I am sure I saw that Olivia McKinnon and Laine Habony did the Emeralds pas de trois with Spartak Hoxha in Greece this past summer on Instagram so why switch to Hutsell, who does not seem right for the role to me. I am very happy to see Hod back from her injury. Hopefully we will see Alexa Maxwell back again soon - always delightful. Alston MacGill was out for a long time, as well. She has nice technique but very boring to watch.
  7. JanLevNYC


    My name is Janice and I live on the UWS. I am a retired 'everything' in the work world, but in my younger-self life I was a freelance photographer for ballet dancers - including ABT, NYCB and more. I have had the priviledge of photographing some very famous dancers and will treasure that forever. I am an avid ballet goer and hope to read up on some great opinions and share a few of my own. Best to you all.
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