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  1. Interview with Amar: https://youtu.be/o9SnNn87PfM?t=7m27s
  2. It looks like Emma von Enck had a small belt malfunction in the 4Ts. I think she handled it quite well.
  3. Do we know how much hiring/firing/prompting authority the interim has?
  4. Week 3 casting is up. Saddened to hear about the departures.
  5. I didn’t notice that. Maybe it’s an art series night.
  6. Maybe I should revisit it. I’m loving the 2018-19 season. I hope Amat can get a leave of absence from Carousel to do an Emeralds or two.
  7. Three different programs with The Times are Racing on it. Is this ballet that popular?
  8. I was hoping we would get to see Reichlen in Tchai pas. I think Mearns would also do well in the role.
  9. Waiting for casting is making me antsy.
  10. I enjoy Huxley’s dancing very much, but I’ve never seen him have strong chemistry with his partners (I haven’t seen him with Lovette). I find him particularly compelling in solo male roles (Melancholic, Agon Pd3).
  11. I was thinking she might be on pointe in the picture, and Russell isn’t standing up completely straight.
  12. In the comments on her Instagram post, Megan said he’s retiring in the fall. I’m gonna miss him.
  13. That has been my experience with this ballet as well. I have only ever seen shorter girls that get cast in this ballet (Hilton, M Fairchild, Bouder). Suzanne Farrell danced the role, but she seems to be the exception.
  14. The photo in the program for Duo is Huxley and Bouder. So some smaller guys have had a chance to do the part. Has anyone here seen him do it?
  15. What a great season Mejia is having so far! I’m so sad I couldn’t see his debut in Four Seasons, and I’m skipping R&J altogether. I hope he gets to do Four Seasons again in the Spring, and many other Robbins ballets.
  16. Week 6 casting https://www.nycballet.com/NYCB/media/NYCBMediaLibrary/PDFs/Press/Casting/NYCB-Casting_February-27-March-4-2018_lobby.pdf
  17. Patricia McBride coaching Megan & Joaquin
  18. The Costumes and the set in Act 1 need a redesign. It looked like they were celebrating Siegfried’s birthday in hell.
  19. It was that wobbly supported arabesque that got me worried that she was soldiering through with an injury for the rest of the Choleric/finale section. Glad to hear she’s alright.
  20. That was a rough 4Ts. I hope Olivia isn’t injured because of the fall.
  21. A few days ago he posted an instagram story of him practicing a la seconde turns. Maybe it’s for this role. He has his work cut out for him.
  22. I hope this means more good things for Coll. I find him a joy to watch. However, I’m not sure if I should see this production at all. I’ve heard mostly negative things about Martins’ R&J.
  23. Nothing has been officially announced, yet.
  24. I suppose he didn’t really have any other option other than to commit to the early entrance. Going back into the wings was not an option at that point. Nevertheless, I was internally chuckling watching Chase just stand there in the background. Oh, the perils of live performance.
  25. Count me in among those who loved Maria. In the opening night performance, it did look like she had some issues with some pirouettes. Although Sara was more technically secure, I thought Maria was much more effective in the role. Also, in the Mearns/Finlay Mozartiana performance on the Saturday matinee, I think Chase made a premature entrance, and ended up just standing onstage until Mearns finished her solo. I couldn’t remember if that moment was part of the choreography or not. I’m fairly certain that particular moment happened before the T&V couple started dancing together again. I don’t recall it happening in the Kowroski/Angle performance this afternoon.
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