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  1. I think Rannells’ work has been in playing gay characters (Girls, New Normal, Falsettos). Jonathan Groff plays a straight man in Mindhunter. I do think Hollywood (and even Broadway) still has a bias against casting gay men in lead roles, especially if it’s a romantic lead. I understand if it’s a concern for either Fairchild or Day.
  2. Honestly, I would have preferred their relationship be discussed in the “Robert Fairchild in American in Paris” thread instead of in this one. I can imagine that it’s uncomfortable for Day to have people his relationship with Fairchild being discussed in the same place that people discussed Fairchild & Peck’s. Although, I don’t know that this thread was the reason some pictures were taken down.
  3. I think I’m gonna get a ticket for the Mearns/Ramasar/Peck.
  4. Does that mean if an apprentice does six performances of Swan Lake, that counts as one?
  5. Maybe this SAB's website on apprentices also needs to be updated. It says apprentices can dance in up to eight ballets. It used to be that the ninth ballet apprentices performed would make them corps members automatically. I have 10 playbills from the fall season where both Roman Mejia and Gilbert Bolden are listed. They were also both in the new Reisen ballet that I didn't see. I re-listened to Unity Phelan's episode of Conversations on Dance. She said during her apprenticeship, she wasn't cast in a ninth ballet because it would automatically grant her a corps contract. But she also said that the apprentice contract has changed. I just don't know what the changes are. Perhaps they just raised the threshold of how many ballets an apprentices can dance.
  6. Roman Mejia has also received his corps contract, per the NYCB website. Was there a change to how apprentices become corps members? I thought that once you hit nine performances you automatically get promoted to corps de ballet. I checked my playbills and there were a few other apprentices who had nine shows under their belt. Maybe the Swan Lake courtiers/villagers don’t count?
  7. I'm hoping to catch Isabella LaFreniere's Dewdrop this year, as I missed it last year.
  8. around 2:02 mark She is such a charismatic dancer.
  9. I don't like this production of SL at all, but I am looking forward to Fairchild and Peck. I wish we we had more Balanchine this fall. I feel like I'm in a Balanchine drought, especially after last Spring's "Here/Now Festival".
  10. The New York Times article also has additional videos. I hope this review won't affect the 2nd performances of both Megan and Tiler. Edit: Also, I just saw pictures of the costumes for the new Justin Peck ballet. Odd-looking and seems like it would be distracting from the dancing.
  11. Per Tiler's instagram, there were (at least) seven curtain calls. I'm sad I missed that evening.
  12. I can't wait to read your review of Tiler's performance.
  13. I saw Mearns, Reichlen, and Bouder this weekend. I was disappointed in Mearns and Reichlen. I wish Mearns' arms were more balletic, but they just seemed way too frantic. It also seemed like she was bobbing her head up and down a lot. Reichlen had a lot of technical mishaps as the posts above mention. Bouder turned in the best perforrmance of the three that I saw. Her movements were very smooth and was more in line with what I'm used to seeing in Swan Lake. Looking forward to Hyltin, Fairchild and Peck next week. Also, this is my first time seeing Martin's SL. That production needs a redesign. The colors in Act I clash. I hate the costumes for the men in Act I (why are there holes?!). The village looks like someone set fire to it.
  14. I really enjoyed this episode. I wis we had more interviews with the dancers who have worked directly with Balanchine.
  15. I liked the article, but it does incorrectly state that Megan received a Tony nomination for it.
  16. He's so beautiful in that picture it hurts.
  17. I was in denial and holding out hope that he would return. Ironically, it was his performance in American in Paris that got me into the ballet in the first place. I hope there's another promotion on the horizon. I'm rooting for Catazaro.
  18. Robert Fairchild is leaving the company, according to the NYCB instagram.
  19. Fairchild used to be cast in Swan Lake opposite Hyltin. I hope he doesn't leave the company because of his split with Peck. I would love to see him do Apollo.
  20. This is my first time seeing NYCB's full length Swan Lake. I'm most looking forward to Teresa Reichlen and Tiler Peck!
  21. IBStage Gala 2017 Fun performance of the Stars and Stripes PdD: (starts at 1:39:04)
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