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  1. Carbo...If you go to www.wbcorlando.com and then to the left of the page press photo gallery you will find lots of photos of the competitors. Also in the Orlando Sentinel there is a review of the Gala afterwards with 2 nice pictures! www.orlandosentinel.com and then press in the search box 'ballet stars' and you'll get the review...sorry I couldn't make it easier. I attended the entire Senior round and some of the Juniors too. It was a great start for a competition that seems to be on its way up and running. It certainly was a success in my eyes from the many talented competitors to
  2. Bart, I do see your many points on the odd way they presented this and I found it abit strange as well in many respects. I too love the concept and hope it will be improved upon for the readers sake in the future. I do appreciate your response ~Tango
  3. I hope I'm posting this in the correct forum but it seemed appropriate here to the topic being discussed. I was just browsing on the Cincinnati Ballet site (www.cincinnatiballet.com) and happened to come across a new 'Webisode' and 'Podcast'. They are promoting the upcoming performances of Giselle. The Webisode actually has Victoria Morgan (AD) and two friends sitting at a table drinking wine and discussing the many emotions (love, revenge, forgiveness) that some of the characters in the ballet are dealing with and how these emotions relate to their own personal experiences. Perhaps thi
  4. I found the article quite interesting as well and far too short. I think there are many good schools in the U.S. who are turning out beautifully trained dancers but they lack the experience and polish to get jobs at a Soloist or Principal level with experience being the most important like Sandik has said. The need to go to Europe to get more refined training seems to becoming more of the norm today for dancers who have their sights set on truely becoming artists of the first rank. Wonderful technique is essential but I find that there is little or no true artistry in many of the dancers gr
  5. Ami...I doubt that many would disagree that Nutnaree is a major talent and I was so looking forward to seeing her dance in Jackson if we made the trip. I hope that her withdrawal is due to something other than a major injury Mouse...Yes the coverage was simply wonderful in 2002 and I particularly loved the personal interviews...some with several competitors. There's no doubt that Jackson roles out the red carpet for this major event and I'm sure the excitement is beginning to build for everyone involved being only a week away. We're still on hold but we do have hotel reservations for the
  6. Hello everyone...I wanted to add a few names to Natalia's "drop" list that I know of who are no longer participants. I was sad to see Nutnaree Pipit-Suksun (Senior) from San Francisco Ballet not listed anymore. She is a stunning dancer and I'm sure she would have done very well in the competition. Also Joseph Gorak from Orlando Ballet (Junior) is no longer a competitor but will still partner one of the Junior competitors. Emily Ellis (Junior) fom Cincinnati Ballet has withdrawn as well. Like Mouse I'm hoping to be there but our plans are unsure at this time. If we do go it will be for
  7. Bart and Beverly...Thankyou for posting these links. The pictures were really beautiful to look at! My question is, assumming that most of these dancers already are members of other companies, does it sound as if Cuban Classical Ballet will be a company made up of 'guest artists' with only a few perhaps as actual members? Andres and Zoica are members of Orlando Ballet, Adiarys Almeida (Cincinnati), Daniel Sarabia (Boston) are just a few who already have employment elsewhere. I was just wondering what exactly is Cuban Classical Ballet's ultimate goal?
  8. Thankyou kfw for such a beautiful post. Your first paragraph says so much and I'm touched by what you've expressed. Perhaps a dose of Mozart would do everyone some good!
  9. Thanks alot kfw for this information, much appreciated!
  10. Helene...I too love Seland as she performed here in Orlando a few years back and would love to read that article. My question is where can I find Ballet Review...? I'm assumming it's only available on line by subscription. Any help would be appreciated!
  11. Such a sad day for his family, friends and for those who's lives he touched with his kindness and his passion. May his light shine bright in heaven. Peace to you Fernando forever and always. For those who knew you, our hearts are broken today. Tango
  12. This was very shocking to hear this morning. My prayers to all of the very talented dancers there as well as the staff. Please keep us posted Ian on this very sad turn of events for Ballet Internationale. Tango
  13. For me it would definately be one of the ball gowns by Karinska from La Valse. I'll never forget seeing this performed in my early twenties and being mesmerized by the costumes, Ravel's score...and the walzing!
  14. Carbo...After reading the reviews of opening night I see that there are 3 sections to Peterson's piece. CB will be doing the 'Enrage' section...so the audience in Cincinnati will be in for a treat! Thanks!
  15. MJ...The Tango piece I think you are referring to is from Kirk Peterson's Howling Cat. Yes it premiered with the Richmond Ballet in 2001. It will have it's premiere with Cincinnati Ballet on November 1st. Not sure if CB is doing the entire ballet but the Tango piece will be performed with several men and is called 'Enrage' (from Howling Cat). So I'm curious if this is the entire ballet or not. Nevertheless glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the review of the evening! Tango
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