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  1. DanielBenton

    Bolshoi La Bayadere in Cinema January 2018

    It will be very interesting to see how Smirnova "ages". As she discussed somewhere (DanceWorld interview?), [paraphrased] she has to rethink and adapt her various iconic roles (Tatiana, Aurora, Nikiya, Giselle, Swan Lake) as she gets older. I have not seen anyone else who commands the stage as she does, (along with Allegra Kent in her "modern" roles, e.g., Agon, Episodes, which are storyless music and dance). I'd love to see Smirnova in Anna Karenina and La Dame Aux Camellias. As her coach says in the Bolshoi "biopic" on YouTube, you can't help but be moved when you watch her.
  2. DanielBenton

    Bolshoi La Bayadere in Cinema January 2018

    Smirnova's website indicates she is dancing Nikiya on Jan.20. Perhaps this is the same performance as the live broadcast?
  3. DanielBenton

    Bolshoi Ballet 2018/19 season

    Here is a clip of Garrett Smith and Olga S dancing Smith's Solace. The entire piece used to be up on YouTube but now I find just the excerpt.
  4. DanielBenton

    2018/2019 Royal Ballet cinema in USA?

    Pherank said it. For example, in Iowa City there are several K-12 dance schools (two of which have sent students to SAB, NYCB and Boston Ballet) and a university with a "major" dance program. Yet when the Bolshoi (or rarely the Royal) comes to the local cinema, none of the students show up, because their teachers did not tell them about them.
  5. DanielBenton

    Celestial Bodies by Laura Jacobs

    Her discussion about Tchaikovsky's importance is definitely worth reading.
  6. As Mr. Balanchine said in Solomon Volkov's book Balanchine's Tchaikovsky: "Sleeping Beauty...is the best of the old ballets, second only to Giselle."
  7. I was also thinking of Merce Cunningham and how sometimes he is reminiscent of Balanchine (and Picasso/cubism).
  8. The lines and angles in Balanchine's modern works remind me of Picasso
  9. Thanks to both for the seating suggestions.
  10. Does anyone have tips for best seating at City Center? Thanks
  11. The programs and performing companies are posted on the New York City Center website https://www.nycitycenter.org/pdps/2018-2019/Balanchine/
  12. DanielBenton

    NYCB 2018-2019 Season

    My first goal was to see the Brahms-Schoenberg; and Tchaikovsky Suite No.3 is good too, so I am not bereft.
  13. DanielBenton

    NYCB 2018-2019 Season

    Too bad since i already ordered a ticket for it on May 23!
  14. This is good news. We need to see Balanchine danced by many different companies rooted in different traditions.
  15. DanielBenton

    Who rules today?

    I vote for Smirnova because she answered a question I have had ever since doing research on Balanchine: what happens when a great Russian ballerina dances Balanchine? She answered the question in "Diamonds" thereby showing a depth to Balanchine's works not available from (most) other dancers She reminds me of Allegra Kent in having a certain nobility, and also not being particularly suited to "pretty girl" roles.