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  1. He was even invited back to Stuttgart for Reid Anderson's farewell gala in 2018, where he danced the pdd from "Taming of the Shrew". Anderson discovered him and made him a star.
  2. Ask all the other German dance critics, they still love his work. Dancers love his work, especially the working process. As you don't read German, I suppose, you have no idea how cruel and hurting Mrs Hüster can be in her reviews. Which is absolutely no excuse for what he did, of course not, I'm just trying to explain why certain ballet directors still show his pieces: they are fascinating.
  3. Marcelo Gomes danced Romeo in David Dawsons's version at Dresden recently, he is still dancing at galas in Europe, f.e. at the last Prix de Lausanne. Dresden has found a new AD, the Swiss-Canadian choreographer Kinsun Chan is starting with season 2024/25. I don't know if Gomes will stay at Dresden.
  4. this is the complete recording from 2014 from Austria, available on CD and different streaming editions via a German music store https://www.jpc.de/jpcng/cpo/detail/-/art/johann-strauss-ii-aschenbroedel/hnum/7089669?lang=en https://www.amazon.de/Aschenbrödel-Ballettmusik-Orf-Radio-Symphonieorchester-Wien/dp/B07FTNNKFV/ on Amazon Germany, the Bonynge recording is also still available on CD https://www.amazon.de/Aschenbroedel-Ritter-Pasman-Richard-Bonynge/dp/B000068QRU/
  5. Daniel Barenboim once directed a Swan Lake premiere at Berlin, Kent Nagano directed ballet in Munich when he was Music Director at the National Theatre, Simone Young directed John Neumeier's "Purgatorio" with Mahler music, when she was Music Director at Hamburg. Some famous conductors take an interest in ballet music, but it's rare. Gergiev often directed ballet, also abroad.
  6. If you compare what the libretti of Nutcracker and Coppélia did to ETA Hoffmann's dark and sinister, psychologically sophisticated stories to what Cranko did to Pushkin, you will know that Cranko is the one who cared much more for literature.
  7. How else would you learn about the small, but important differences in style, tradition, interpretation of the classics?! Only by comparing.
  8. Burlaka claimed to know the tradition, the history of the Corsaire choreography in Russia/the Soviet Union, and was relying on that. He seemed to have an extensive knowledge about it though. Reading the documentation of the Munich Petipa symposium, I now realise that this was the early stage of ballet reconstruction, and also the beginning of different opinions about how to do it. It was not Russia, it was Yuri Fateev - who once had thrown out Vikharev's Sleeping Beauty reconstruction but somehow changed his mind about the old ballets. Does anybody know why he did so?
  9. It was Burlaka who was responsible for the "old Petipa style" of the Corsaire, you're right, Ratmansky was only just starting with the reconstructions. Burlaka mainly relied on the slightly different Russian traditions of dancing the Corsaire variations, if I remember correctly. Both productions, Bolshoi and Munich, cared very much for the music and wanted to reconstruct the original partitura by Adam with the additions by Pugni, Drigo et al. But I remember a public discussion at the time at Munich where Sergei Vikharev demonstrated how different you can read and interprete the Stepanov notations - of course he was convinced that he as a Russian had the ultimate understanding for the execution of the notated steps. The notations are very hard to read and open for different interpretations.
  10. In no way I want to defend Bockamp and Candeloro, but remember the Corsaire reconstructions by Ratmansky/Burlaka for the Bolshoi in 2007 and by Doug Fullington/Ivan Liska for Bavarian State Ballet in 2006 - they both relied on the Stepanov notations in the Sergeyev collection at Harvard and had different solutions, different steps for some scenes. It seems the notations are not quite as explicit and unambiguous as one would wish. The notation for The Pharao's Daughter is digitalized, you can find it here in the Sergeyev Collection online https://hollisarchives.lib.harvard.edu/repositories/24/resources/3185
  11. Duato directed Berlin State Ballet from 2014 to 2018. Then he went back to St. Petersburg.
  12. Is it possible that she moved to Ananiashvili's Georgia State Ballet, like choreographer Ilya Jivoy and ex-Stanislavsky dancer Laura Fernandez-Gromova?
  13. Berlin State Ballett will show his piece in June. Gauthier Dance at Stuttgart will keep him as Associate Choreographer. He was fired in the meantime from Hannover, but they also will continue to show his pieces. And of course his assault will have legal consequences.
  14. He had been walking his dog in the intermission and brought the bag with him to throw it away, as you have to do in Germany. Another of her stinging reviews about his pieces had appeared on the very same day, she was at a premiere at NDT two days before. Just for clarification.
  15. https://www.instagram.com/p/CnhQiLMo1gp/ This is a heartbreaking farewell by his wife Coralie Grand, dancer at Stuttgart Ballet.
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