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  1. Hallberg is not partnering Osipova in Onegin at the RB this season ? Osipova is cast with Muntagirov in Onegin, with Hallberg in Manon, SB And SL.
  2. Do you mean the Financial Times ? Louise Levene gave the double bill 5* and her comments on Two Pigeons were not ill informed I thought ...... Whilst maybe the mainstream critics are not always worth reading there is still excellent dance writing to be had in niche online websites like Dancetabs - Jann Parry and Classical Source - Gerald Dowler (although increasingly less frequent).
  3. I saw the three Bayaderes at La Scala and here's my take on the performances. Firstly, aspects of this Grigorovich 2013 production felt unfamiliar to me even though I think it must have been the one the Bolshoi brought to London in 2013. Gamzatti and the blacked up children have significantly more dancing than in the Mariinsky version with which I’m more recently familiar and the ending sees Solor with a last desperate grand jete around the stage before he dies. I enjoyed all the performances and for me each cast brought something to enjoy and admire. As an aside, La Scala st
  4. I don't know whether I'm asking this question in the correct place ...... but I'll be in NY in October & am planning to see a couple of performances around 19th- 22nd. There currently seem to be plenty of tickets left so I don't know whether to buy now or wait in the hope of ticket offers nearer the time. Can anyone tell me if that is at all likely or whether it's better to buy now when there's a good choice of seats in the cheaper categories. I'm thinking not more expensive than 2nd ring so any advice on value in the 2nd ring upwards would be much appreciated.
  5. Since people have expressed an interest in impressions from the performances of Yulia Stepanova's performances in London here are mine, although I'm sure there will be people who saw things quite differently. I watched both of Olga Smirnova Swan Lakes (w Denis Rodkin & Vlad Lantratov) and last night Yulia Stepanova with Denis Rodkin. I also saw YS in the role with the Mariinsky partnered by Xander Parish, here in London 2 years ago. Firstly, to the Queen of Dryads variation. I agree that the audience response was muted. Possibly this is because the choreography is unfamiliar to the Londo
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