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Maria Kochetkova

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Pherank said:


I wonder if Masha gets to have her look-alike brooch as a reward. ;)

Good grief! Where on earth do people wear stuff like that? Gorgeous, but Holy Mackerel...


I found the video functionality to be troublesome - if I moved my mouse pointer after clicking the Play button, the video would immediately freeze. Not a good way to program things. But this may just be an issue with particular browsers.

It was fine on my iMac using Safari, but the same problem you had on Firefox.

As to the music, I couldn't understand a word the little old lady with laryngitis 'sang'. Did it have something to do with the proceedings or was it just meant to be atmosphere?

Thanks for posting. Always interesting to see dancers doing something a little different.

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Maria Kochetkova as Cinderella in opening season at TEATRO DELL'OPERA DI ROMA with Derek Deane's Cinderella for the next 3 nights 25th, 26th, 27th of september.

Musica di Sergej Prokof'ev

Direttore Nir Kabaretti

Coreografia Derek Deane

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More Maria Kochetkova as Cinderella & Giuseppe Picone as Prince in opening season at TEATRO DELL'OPERA DI ROMA with Derek Deane's Cinderella for the next 3 nights 25th, 26th, 27th of september.

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Oooh, yes, wouldn't that be great? (if the extended performance footage appears somewhere)

I love this ballet; mainly for the music, as Kochetkova said in one of the interviews.


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Maria Kochetkova will be doing live stream rehearsal of Don Quixote this Wednesday October 1st #WorldBalletDay

Tune in to World Ballet Day Live next week and watch Don Quixote come to life! #TutuTuesday

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For those who have an interest in Ms. Kochetkova's fashion sense -

Maria Kochetkova puts her personal stamp on dance and dress


Favorite independent designers Tatiana Parfionova, Julien David, Ostwald Helgason, Jacquemus, Walk of Shame. “I don’t like big fashion labels. I like discovering, not that I discovered them, but young fashion designers. I like to think I discovered them.”

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Watch a sneak peek of San Francisco Ballet's Maria Kochetkova and Davit Karapetyanin "Romeo & Juliet," coming to a cinema near you September 24!

With its passionate choreography, spine-tingling swordsmanship, and celebrated score by Sergei Prokofiev, this colorful and emotional retelling of Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet has packed houses around the world. Helgi Tomasson’s bravura interpretation of the Bard’s greatest tragedy “lifts Shakespeare’s complex and familiar language off the gilded pages and translates it into lucid classical choreography that is visceral, fresh, and ultimately sublime".


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San Francisco Ballet Swan Lake 2016
February 23, 2016


Artistic Director Helgi Tomasson delivers a striking return of the enchanting story to San Francisco Ballet with breathtakingly modern stage design and splendid costumes by scenery and costume designer Jonathan Fensom. Opening up the first act is miniature, yet powerful dancer, Maria Kochetkova as Odette, followed by elegant dancing and gallant acting by Davit Karapetyan as an ideal prince Siegfried and finally closing the act with a choreographic gem, pas de trois performed by Koto Ishihara, Gennadi Nedvigin and Lauren Strongin.

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Miracle in B minor (among other keys)

by Jay Nordlinger

Odette/Odile was a Russian, Maria Kochetkova. She was utterly musical. She produced the physical expression of Tchaikovsky’s phrasing, rhythm, feeling, everything. She bent to every note (or turned or sailed or whatever was required). I think the composer would have been amazed.

So admiring was I of Kochetkova, I almost felt disloyal to a longstanding favorite, Nina Ananiashvili (the great, retired Georgian).

Doing the honors as the Prince was Herman Cornejo, from Argentina. He was virile, elegant, noble. In a word, princely. Let me note, too, that Rothbart was danced by Gray Davis, though not by the ex-governor of California. Young Mr. Davis is from South Carolina (and a ballet dancer).


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Maria Kochetkova take a part in Russian Ballet Icons gala: at the London Coliseum, 12 March 2017 .

She danced Diamonds with Tyler Angle from NYCB.

The Program https://mobile.twitter.com/Scarfie1/status/841000095147536387/photo/1

Rubies and Diamonds were both beautiful. 
There's a group photo on the net here:-

Sian Trenberth photography  http://client.sian-trenberth.com/russianballeticons2017/


Oddly it was the Diamonds pas de deux that was the highlight of the evening for me, I don't think I've seen it so well danced since Patricia McBride and Peter Martins.

 The Diamonds couple and the Vaganova students however will stay in the memory.

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