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Maria Kochetkova


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I see that Yuri Possokhov's Classical Symphony was nominated also, for choreography. There's no mention in the article, but Kochetkova was the ballerina at the premiere in San Francisco. The article did not mention what critic nominated it nor what company the nominating critic saw perform it nor where -- it has been danced in Moscow and I think in Berlin. I'm glad to see it was nominated --I think it's a wonderful ballet and that American critics don't rank it high enough.

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Apropos of nothing much except end-of-year, post-Nutcracker silliness, Maria Kochetkova tweeted this.

(Giving up. Tried embedding Twitter from MK. Tried for solid hour. Admitting defeat. wallbash.gif Does anybody over 30 understand Twitter? Here's cut and paste. Follow link. Happy Holidays. Need glass of wine. Big glass of wine. blink.png)

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Kochetkova's tweet explains why she looked less than joyous and not very interested during her penultimate grand pas de deux on Friday evening. Both Mathilde Froustey on Dec. 26 evening and Sasha De Sola at the Dec. 27 matinée gave radiant performances of the grand pas de deux with beautiful execution and musicality. Mlle. Froustey had family from France attending, including her father!

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Being Masha article from Dance Magazine

You can tell when Maria Kochetkova is thinking hard about something, because her lips purse and her eyes darken. The look crosses her face frequently during a rehearsal with fellow San Francisco Ballet principal Vitor Luiz for the Kingdom of the Shades pas de deux from La Bayadère. The sequence of entrelacés from pirouette to attitude derrière is especially vexing her...
“I constantly have so many ideas in my head, things I want to do, that I just keep working. I realize how little time I have, and how much time I wasted already,” she says, referring to her years in the ENB corps. So she takes on as many opportunities as she can manage. “When you go onstage you are free,” she explains. “No one can tell you what to do. And there are moments when you are so in harmony with the music, with the steps, and you know that people understand. And you feel it. It doesn’t always happen, but when it happens…” She thinks a moment, then adds, “It’s like explaining what love is.”
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Maria Kochetkova and Joaquin De Luz will dance a new work choreographing by Andrea Schermoly in YAGP in NY at the David H Koch Theater at Lincoln Center

Can you see? Share, please.

Women in Dance: San Francisco Ballet Principal Maria Kochetkova will be performing in our “Fifteenth Anniversary Closing Night Celebration” on April 11. Watch this artist spotlight - http://bit.ly/1s8GgbD.

Men in Dance: Joaquín De Luz (New York City Ballet) will be performing a world premiere by Andrea Schermoly on April 11.

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OK, not sure what to make of this Twitter from M. K.:

"Just confirmed: Dancing Rubies @ Stanislavsky Theater this Tuesday night at Uliana Lopatkina's gala! Very excited to dance home again!"

Rubies? Did she dance this before, back in 2009 maybe? I have to wonder who her partner is...

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Masha appears in a Russian TV segment on the recent Yekaterinburg Nutcracker (don't ask me why) performance.

The videos are tv news segments on the 100-year anniversary of Yekaterinburg Ballet and the gala ballet performance they're putting on for the celebration, including Kochetkova and Carbone (and someone from Mariinsky but I didn't catch who). In the first one, she mentions that she is performing in this because she doesn't get a lot of opportunities to perform in Russia and she wants a chance to be in front of a new audience.

She seems to be dancing the pas de deux with Andrei Sorokin, the Ekaterinburg entrant for Big Ballet ( or Bolshoi Ballet - the tv program, not the company - that's a hard distinction to make in English).

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I did an search and can’t find that this has been posted already.

Interview and some nice photos.

Last question. What makes you laugh?
Well, people laugh at things I say, but comedy and happy things are not really me. I like sarcasm more than anything. I’m a bit of a grumpy old man.”
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In this video from 2001, a young and playful Maria Kochetkova performs the female variation from this pas de deux in Moscow. Even without her partner, Kochetkova exudes a coquettish demeanor. Just as her dainty brisés perfectly suit her petite physique—not to mention her Bournonville ballon—her endearing épaulement takes viewers in from the moment of her first preparation. Even at this early age, it is no surprise that Kochetkova would go on to become a principal dancer with San Francisco Ballet only six years later.


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Ballet Meets Robotics by Francesca Da Rimini
Published on Jul 11, 2014

Featuring San Francisco Ballet principal dancers Maria Kochetkova and Joan Boada, "Francesca Da Rimini" is an experiment using a robotically controlled camera to capture ballet. "Ballet Meets Robotics," reveals the artistry, inspiration, and technology that went into the short film.

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Maria Kochetkova will be in Télématin on France 2 7.35am Thursday morning talking about knives, rubies, ballet and coming up shows in Paris. Yesterday filming with France 2 Télématin all day at Rome Opera.

It occurs to me that she may speak in English, and be translated to French on the show. I'm not sure if this production is related, but here is Masha as the Spirit of Van Cleef & Arpels, directed by Mathieu Demy.


I wonder if Masha gets to have her look-alike brooch as a reward. ;)

I found the video functionality to be troublesome - if I moved my mouse pointer after clicking the Play button, the video would immediately freeze. Not a good way to program things. But this may just be an issue with particular browsers.

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