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  1. We were all glumly searching for news to make us feel better, over the news we were finding. Hey, I think it's a great PR move on their part. It expresses optimism and enthusiasm and confidently moves forward with "business as usual." And it will make a lot of SFB patrons and/or ballet lovers very very happy.
  2. Well. Just got the email too. I am SO HAPPY for all the promoted dancers, and I have to say, this is the sunniest piece of news I've received in the past... month, maybe? Six weeks? Ever since opening night of Midsummer Night's Dream and before the Opera House closure news? No matter. CONGRATULATIONS, YOU WONDERFUL DANCERS!! And thanks for posting the news, pherank.
  3. Just this very minute finished watching the taped production. I'd seen it 2 (?) weeks ago as a ticket holder, and it was harder to watch - so much "buffering" and interruptions and grief over all the consequences of COVID-19. Was so glad to get the news I could watch it a second round, as a donor to their Critical Relief (?) fund/drive. My husband hooked it up on our Apple TV setup this afternoon, and -- who knew? -- without wifi and instead a wired connection, there was none of the ghastly buffering that so dogged the first view. I just love your comments, pherank. I'm not in a critiquing moo
  4. Thanks for sharing this. Definitely worth a dig into my pockets. $9.5 million - oh, wow. Might need to dig deeper into that pocket than expected.
  5. Oh, me too! So very, very precious to watch, in so many ways. Brought some sunshine into my heart.
  6. You know, if it had been one of the company's productions, and they held all rights, I'd bet it would be a different scenario. With Dream, there's PNB costumes/sets, there's the Balanchine Trust, not to mention all the waivers required for unions and their various regulations. I imagine some compromise was required in the negotiations to make it happen, even in this limited way. Glad they could offer this! I'm just relieved they are able to placate ticket holders who, in turn, will not ask for refunds. And I'm very relieved they'll bring it back next year. Because of the above restriction
  7. This was the first peep of hopeful news I've heard from, and regarding, the SFB, taken from SF Datebook today. "S.F. Ballet is exploring the option, mulling the idea of offering patrons a streamed capture of its production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” free of charge. “While we know nothing can replace the vibrancy of a live performance, our hope is to be able to still share the beauty of this ballet and the extraordinary artistry of our Company dancers and S.F. Ballet Orchestra,” Kelly Tweeddale, executive director of the organization, said in an email to The Chronicle on Wednesda
  8. Well, this was a bad day to learn this news (in the aftermath of SF Ballet cancelling Dream run). Bad news atop bad news. I won't ask, "When will it stop?" because maybe I don't want to know the answer.
  9. Well, I'm speechless with loss about the venue closure. Speechless. All the company's hard work and costs. (And okay, ME and my special weekend of ballet.)
  10. It will be much easier to get a post-performance report out this time around; I've written a preview instead of a review, which means all the work ends... around now. {{Happily pushes "publish" on preview at my blog.}} Tossing in a hotel overnight in the city on Sat pm, so I'm all set for a relaxing ballet-centric weekend. What fun!
  11. I had the good fortune to attend a rehearsal yesterday, a first-cast run-through of Act I. Dores and Benjamin F danced Hermia/Lysander couple and Mathilde and Ulrich danced Helena/Demetrius. So that's the opening night lineup. I've also heard Elizabeth Mateer will be dancing Helena on the Sat 2p performance. I will be attending Sat pm (the 7th?) and next day's matinee. I was grateful to have seen the first cast dance in such a polished run-through since I will have to miss opening night. So many great dancers, so little time!
  12. Thanks for the shout-out about my review, Pherank. I am utterly buried in other stuff and dismayed that I'm not finding the opportunity to offer my comments about the production, because this is my favorite place to come and chat and listen about what others have to say. At least I can enjoy the latter, a week after the fact! Love reading what others have to say.
  13. Ugh, what a disaster. I'm going tonight; I would have been so upset and disappointed if this had happened while I was there. I really have to jump through hoops and make sacrifices to make a night in the city happen. My heart goes out to the performers - particularly after seeing Sasha M's Instagram message above (am assuming the performance didn't get that far) - and the audience members as well. Such a costly disappointment. Good ole PG&E, keeping on top of that infrastructure.
  14. Oh, now I'm really sad! (Such a shame he didn't want to finish the season and his SFB career off with Romeo, but his future job sounds amazing.)
  15. I was shocked to read more closely and discover that this will be Vitor Luiz' farewell performance with the company. Noooo! Can't believe that's all the notice and viewing opportunity we're getting from this esteemed senior principal. He will be missed.
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