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  1. Nutcracker 2017

    I wonder what aspects of Dewdrop were considered beyond Mearns' ability at this point. If anyone sees Lauren Lovette's debut as Dewdrop tonight, please report.
  2. Nutcracker 2017

    That is great to hear and thanks for the report, Peg. Maybe I will squeeze in a performance this week.
  3. I was also curious to hear more about this.
  4. Nutcracker 2017

    Any reports on Nut from the weekend so far? I was wondering if the joyful spirit has returned or is morale visibly low. I was thinking about going today at 5 to see Lovette, Huxley, and Phelan, but don’t want to spend $100 if the magic isn’t going to be there.
  5. Nutcracker 2017

    So I saw Nutcracker last night. I've seen Nut countless times over the past five or so years, finding it magical throughout repeated viewings, but last night struck me as a little lackluster. Lines and formations were ragged, and it was lacking in spirit and snap. I wonder if the uncertainty at the top is straining morale and affecting performances. The highlights were the very polished Sugarplum Fairy and her Cavalier (Hyltin and Veyette) and the astonishing Dewdrop of Tiler Peck. (Though she stumbled at one point - I've never seen her falter before.) Little Aaron Plous gave a wonderfully committed and vivid mime sequence. And Unity Phelan (Flowers) is so beautiful, as a person and as a dancer, that it almost hurts. The lowlight was Megan LeCrone's Coffee; the phrase "phoning it in" comes to mind. I have another performance lined up next week. Bought my tickets in advance without knowing the casting, and it turns out I will see Tiler's Dewdrop twice! That's almost as good as winning the lottery.
  6. That is just too weird. The kids in the photos (after the, um, ballet[?]) look way more natural and lively than Melania does.
  7. Nutcracker 2017

    Week 5 of casting is up. New Dewdrops: Woodward, Miller, and Kretzschmar. Still no sign of Ashley Laracey. Hope she returns for the winter season.
  8. Peter Martins Sexual Harassment Allegations

    I personally don't have a problem with the AD or a choreographer being married to a dancer, or even sleeping with dancers while married to another. From the point of view of an audience member, I want to see a great performance, and I don't give much thought to how casting decisions are made, as long as they are good... and currently, at NYCB, they (mostly) are good, IMHO. Harassment is something else. (Let alone the question of minors... I am fervently hoping that there is absolutely nothing to that possibility.) About a year ago, I saw a working dress rehearsal for Sleeping Beauty, where Martins was coaching some of the dancers. He was constantly putting his hands on the women, and I don't mean for the purpose of correcting them. Rubbing the dancer's arm while saying something to her, insisting on grabbing and holding the dancer's hand as he spoke to the audience, squeezing the back of a dancer's neck as she left the stage, etc. This was only the women - he left the men alone. I found it positively nauseating, and my heart sank to think they have to live with this.
  9. It does seem like it's time to stop re-hashing the past. Probably he should have declined to comment; this doesn't make him look good. However, as someone who recently rediscovered what a fun place Philadelphia is for a weekend trip from NYC, I'm eager to see the company. Hopefully in the spring.
  10. Nutcracker standing room?

    I have not had good luck with standing room for Nutcracker, although it's probably been a year or two since I tried. It is only for sold out performances, and as popular as the show is, there is often a smattering of very expensive, or very partial-view, seats left. If anyone has a different experience, I'd love to hear it.
  11. Nutcracker Casting

    I thought that in past years there were three girls rotating in the part (also three princes). Anyone know for sure?
  12. Nutcracker Casting

    Third week of casting is up. I'm thrilled to find I have a ticket to see Tiler Peck's Dewdrop! I look forward to any Nutcracker reports.
  13. Three new apprentices

    Back to Scotch Symphony - I saw it for the first time in the SAB workshop and wish the company would bring it back. Also look forward to getting to know the new apprentices. I thought Nadon was wonderful in the Workshop.
  14. Nutcracker Casting

    I too look forward to seeing Isabella LaFreniere - as Dewdrop or anything else. I've been disappointed she hasn't gotten more opportunities. She is a bright, beautiful presence.
  15. Matthew Bourne "The Red Shoes"

    I saw the Sunday matinee (with Mearns and Gomes). I found it very entertaining, but I wouldn't need to see it again. Definitely you need to have seen the movie, otherwise you would have a hard time following the plot. My favorite parts were the silly "beach ballet" and the scene with Egyptian guys, showing how low poor Vicky has sunk. But overall, the detail and nuance of the movie were lost.