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  1. Advice Requested

    I agree too The Mikhailovsky productions of the classics are really lovely. I saw a wonderful Giselle with Soboleva & Lebedev last month which was more enjoyable than the the two performances I saw at the Mariinsky. Soboleva & Lebedev were both exceptional, and to my mind outshone most of the Mariinsky dancers favoured with principal roles these days, him in particular.
  2. Yulia Stepanova

    Since people have expressed an interest in impressions from the performances of Yulia Stepanova's performances in London here are mine, although I'm sure there will be people who saw things quite differently. I watched both of Olga Smirnova Swan Lakes (w Denis Rodkin & Vlad Lantratov) and last night Yulia Stepanova with Denis Rodkin. I also saw YS in the role with the Mariinsky partnered by Xander Parish, here in London 2 years ago. Firstly, to the Queen of Dryads variation. I agree that the audience response was muted. Possibly this is because the choreography is unfamiliar to the London audience and superficially it looks neither particularly technically challenging nor thrilling - I think this belies its difficulty. Yulia Stepanova certainly looked more comfortable dancing it than did Anna Nikulina. Last night was a very impressive Odette/Odile debut from YS in the Bolshoi Swan Lake. At the moment to my eyes, YS does not show quite the same fluidity in the arms or complete seamlessness in her execution of the steps as I felt did Olga Smirnova. But YS was a noticeably less remote Odette than OS and this made for a more emotional and involving performance and more connection with her partner, who in her my opinion was also more involved than he was on the opening night, although on his part this may have been down to nerves. YS and DR looked very comfortable together (they are an excellent physical match) and they had very good chemistry; I generally find this production leaves me completely cold but this pair were able to generate and project into the auditorium some real feeling. There no major fluffs, save for the Evil Genius (Tsvirko) not making the very final lift although this may not have been obvious to anyone unfamiliar with the ballet. By contrast, DR was a superb partner, YS is a tall, long limbed dancer and he had no problem with any of the high lifts. There were barely any minor mistakes. By minor I am being super picky and mean a couple of the supported turns were not perfectly smooth - there have been far more in most of the performances in this Bolshoi tour. YS executed all her variations strongly, she finished the fouettes tidily although if you were counting I think you'd have found she fell short of 32 (not a crime in my book). So in summary, it was a very enjoyable and unexpectedly moving performance. Just a footnote to say that DR was a late replacement for the originally scheduled Artem Ovcharenko - no indication as to why the change was made.
  3. Sadly not it appears .... http://www.mikhailovsky.ru/en/press/news/vladimir_shklyarov_performances_cancelled/
  4. Mariinsky at BAM 2015

    Thank you also from me Armour The Mariinsky Swan Lake is incomparable. I went to English National Ballet here in London the other day and although they have an attractive production I couldn't avoid comparing the company unfavourably to the wonderful Mariinsky. Good that I still have my great memories of the London season last summer.
  5. I also had really good glasses and a view from the stalls circle. Anyway, if the Mariinsky said it was Kamil then the photo of him on the Mariinsky website can't be right for sure that wasn't the guy doing those jumps.....
  6. Firebird was a better performance last night. All three of the leads had more chemistry and stage presence than the first night trio. IMO both performances of Marguerite and Armand were lifeless because both Armand were playing princes. If there's no intensity and no chemistry it doesn't matter how good Marguerite is, the ballet falls flat. Pity we didn't get Shklyarov as originally cast - I have the feeling he would have got it. First night Concerto was incredible especially Kim and Stepin who took the breath away. The central pdd last night was (against my expectation) beautifully danced by Matvienko and Zverev - who looked much more suited to this role than to Armand. BTW, I don't think it was Kamil who did those endless split jumps .... In this photo Kamil is the guy on the right (as you look at the photo) of the trio in orange isn't he and it was the guy on the left who did the endless jumps. https://www.flickr.com/photos/dancetabs/14707277240/in/set-72157646371546861/
  7. The Royal Ballet also uses the same version with the writhing earth mother and the staircase. I thought Shklyarov was a terrific Apollo, both Apollo and Dream were brilliantly executed. The company is on stunning form and full of great talent.
  8. Tiara, thank you so much for your post about the younger dancers, I will look out for them. I was only able to stay for Act 1 of Lopatkina's Swan Lake last night but what struck me most about her performance was how much Stepanova has the same quality of movement and how different it seems from the other two Odettes.
  9. Thank you. I have watched on YT many clips of some of the Acting Director's favourites. I'm going to see Lopatkina this evening. I presume Yulia has this Artistry, are there equivalent men, even perhaps in the corps ?
  10. Interesting to hear that. Living in London for many years I am inevitably more used to watching the Royal Ballet where acting & emoting are an important part of performances. When I first saw Mariinsky years ago it seemed odd and remote to me, I just didn't get it, but as I watch more I see that dancers speak with their body although I think I still prefer more obvious emotional style in a performance. Is what I call this remote style what your St Petersburg friends mean by "Artistry" or is it simply showiness ? Who has Artistry at the company today ? Is it this that russian ballet lovers think is disappearing from Mariinsky ?
  11. Fair enough re Tkachenko, his performance was perfectly respectable though, just not in the class of the other two. I understand what you mean by vulgarity but I didn't see it in Tereshkina/Shklyarov. They didn't overstep the boundaries & their performance was less about fireworks for the sake of it & more about artistry.
  12. The Sat eve pd3 man was Filipp Stepin, on Fri eve it was Kimin Kim. Both were excellent and much better than Vasily Tkachenko at the Sat matinee. For me, Yulia's best act was the final one, her "fluttering and undulating" hands were really quite extraordinary. I'm disappointed she only has one performance because I felt that in Acts 1 & 2 she was quite tense, her performance was more relaxed at the rehearsal. Unfortunately,I didn't think she and her partner were well suited. I also saw Skorik/Askerov Act 1 on Friday evening and Tereshkina/Shklyarov gave a masterclass on stage on Saturday evening.
  13. “Who is to dance at Mariinsky?”

    Very interesting article - thank you for the translation
  14. Summer 2014 NYC & Saratoga Tour

    All the Kitris would tempt me if only I weren't the wrong side of the Atlantic. Of the Basilios, Lantratov is so charismatic he would easily be my No 1 choice. Chudin has the best technique & a different kind of stage presence that I think possibly is more suited to Diamonds type lead roles rather than a Basilio. Lobukhin I saw dance an energetic Spartacus in a live relay and a bland Albrecht in Moscow recently (Alastair Macaulay reviewed this performance). I wouldn't pass up the opportunity to see Olga Smirnova and in the subsidiary casting Anna Tikhomirova as a street dancer on 22nd and Kitris friend on 23rd is worth looking out for.
  15. Cojocaru and the Royal

    Personally, I think Alina's performances have always been less about absolute technical mastery and more about dramatic and emotional intensity.