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  1. Casting for week three is up: http://www.nycballet.com/NYCB/media/NYCBMediaLibrary/PDFs/Press/Casting/NYCB_Casting_May-2-7-2017_lobby.pdf A little surprised that there are two casts for the new Ratmansky. Suppose it's to give some of more seasoned principals a break during Here/Now?
  2. New promo out today for the Here and Now Festival
  3. Cobweb, I missed that ad. Could you share if it comes your way again? Part of me wonders if there will be many debuts this season. 43 ballets in four weeks is quite the production-- will they be able to rehearse so many programs comprised of new dancers? Also curious to see who takes over some of the Whelan roles that are in the repertory for the first time since she retired from the company.
  4. I saw Kowrowski and Tyler Angle perform the second movement during the 2015 NYCB tour at the Kennedy Center. I vividly remember being completely in awe of her length and control during the developpe balances. After the show my husband and I took the shuttle bus to the metro and she sat night next to us. I remember thinking that she looked so worn out, but then learning a few weeks later that she was expecting! I feel so strongly about treasuring her gift while we can still see her on stage. Very hopeful that her characteristic strength and technique will be in top form.
  5. I watched and re-watched the specials over the weekend. Really struck by Gwyneth Muller's performance in La Valse. Feel that she will be greatly missed in the corps. Any other dancers stand out to anyone?
  6. I was in town last weekend and was able to hit up the final Saturday matinee of Winter Season. Finally getting around to sharing my thoughts on that day's All Robbins program. I had seen Suzanne Farrell Ballet do The Concert a few years ago at the Kennedy Center, but this was my first viewing of both Glass Pieces and Moves. One huge bonus to me seeing shows at the Koch Theater is NYCB's 30 under 30 program. A $30 ticket got me dead-center of the first row of the first ring. I was floored at the amazing location. I have a few years to go until I'm ineligible for the program, but I'm definitely going to be taking advantage of it more often. First up, Glass Pieces. Orchestra was in full form, saxophones were beautiful and the drums in the third movement had serious life. I've always admired the sets and lighting from pictures and video, both did not disappoint. The ballet is very regimented in many ways, and I felt the strength of the Corps was really the heartbeat. This was the first time that I've noticed Peter Walker as an individual dancer. His powerful coordination in the first and third movements were striking, and my eyes naturally went directly to him when a group would enter the stage. On the flip side, I felt like there were a few in the male corps who weren't matching the energy level of their peers or the music. Understand that it's the end of season, but I was surprised that the recently-promoted Joe Gordon didn't seem to be very energized when the piece has such a tempo. Krohn and Ramasar were the pas de deux in the second movement. Nothing good or bad really stood out. I didn't know what to expect when seeing Moves. I thought there was a chance that I wouldn't like the piece without the framework of music, but there was no need to worry. The juxtaposition of complete still silence and then the sudden clap of a point shoe or shuffle of a step was mesmerizing. And I really was impressed with the stillness and balance the group showed, especially Unity Phelen. Look forward to seeing her grow into more principal roles. The Concert is always a good note to end on. You could tell that Lovette was new to the piece, with some missteps in foot placement here and there. Loved De Luz as the husband and Meghan Dutton-O'Hara as the wife. I love the fluidity of her movements when she's in traditional dancing roles, but I worry they're setting her up for long-term senior corps with no opportunity to progress. This will probably be my last opportunity to see the company before their June tour at the Kennedy Center. Looking forward to that program so much!
  7. I can respect the drive to promote a promising choreographer as a tool for the company to retain talent. But I actually do see roles for Schumacher to expand his current rep. He already covers a lot of the same ballets as Daniel Ulbricht and I'm sure that will expand further in forthcoming seasons.
  8. Watching the first installment of the televised performance felt like seeing the ballets from entirely new eyes. I had not previously enjoyed Walpurgisnacht as much as I did on this viewing. Luckily I have DVR so I was able to record the show for rewatching!
  9. I saw the same show. Could not believe that she did those ballets back-to-back. All eyes were on her in Infernal, and she was truly a force.
  10. Didn't know my personal peeves about Macauley's writing were so universal. Truly wish he would step back from the Sara Mearns gush. (She's great, possibly the best. But the company has nearly 100 other dancers that I would like to learn more about.) I will say that I enjoy following his instagram and articles that trend more toward the academic side of dance. His feed is a consistent flow of information that enriches my knowledge base about the structure, history, and context of ballet. On the same-sex partnering: I think there is something to be said for critics cheering on the forward progression of art. Same-sex partnering shouldn't be a prerequisite for a favorable review, but I do think it's important that choreographers feel the support of the community to move beyond Petipa, Ashton, and Balanchine in the medium.
  11. The City Ballet series was one of the ways I got interested in ballet (and specifically NYCB) again. Now that I've been watching the company regularly for the past few seasons, I really appreciate the view into life as a member of the company. I especially enjoy rewatching the video as a reminder of some excellent then-and-now soloists. Megan LeCrone in particular. I found her Dark Angel to be the most captivating I've ever seen. I don't necessarily think she is quite Principal status (snaps to fellow Ashley Laracey fans) but I do wish she were given more roles.
  12. https://www.facebook.com/nycballet Rehearsing for Sleeping Beauty.
  13. I've been lurking on this site for a good long while. Looking forward to formally joining the community. I'm out of DC and enjoy Kennedy Center programs and regular trips to New York. Interested primarily in American aesthetic, though I enjoy the big classical programs every once in a while!