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  1. That’s a terrific article, thank you for sharing. After yesterday’s performance I could not help but wonder why Shevchenko has been languishing in the same roles for years (such as flower girl etc.). I never expected such an incredible debut, and look forward to seeing her Myrta next week. You could see how happy she was during the performance, especially one sparkling moment when she was smiling ear to ear during the second lift in the first act. It wasn’t just a plastered on smile, but one of intense joy.
  2. I agree with everything everyone has said about Wednesday’s matinee. Shevchenko just blew me away! Starting with those stunning back kicks in the first act down to her spectacular fouettes! Whew! I am also in agreement about Lendorf. He was fine, with great panache, but not as exciting as I would have liked. I expected more fireworks in his solos. Unfortunately there were lots of empty seats. Irina and Max were in the audience as well as Julio Bragado-Young. We never miss a Boylston/Simkin Don Q, but we couldn’t stay for last night. I can’t wait to see them on Saturday!!!!!!
  3. Thanks abatt. I'm so pleased to hear that Mearns is doing better. I just saw the reassignments that you mentioned, but at least I'll get to see her in Pictures tomorrow. Does anyone have any news on Ramasar?
  4. Is it official that Mearns and Ramasar are injured? Are the injuries serious? I saw Mearns at a rehearsal of Pictures at an Exhibition on Wednesday and she was dancing up a storm.
  5. Yes, it has always annoyed me that NYCB tickets arrive after single tickets have gone on sale. I’ve never tried it, but there may be a way to exchange tickets before receiving them (with your subscriber number) since all they do is tell you to discard your old tickets anyway. At least you can buy additional tickets (at the subscriber rate) before you receive your subscription tickets.
  6. I agree with everyone that nothing beats NYCB ticketing. Aside from their formal polices, NYCB staff are usually very accommodating. That being said, I was still very pleased to get an e-mail from ABT saying that as a member I could buy single tickets at the box office this week. I called the MET box office today just to make sure that I could buy tickets before March 26. I was all prepared to buy my single tickets on Sunday (I’ll be there for Paul Taylor anyway), but a few days jump is even better. I like to look at the seating chart and see what is available before going to the box office, but since it is not available I wrote down my favorite seats in descending order and hope that I get those seats or close at the box office. I didn’t get the trio brochure this year either. It was very short sighted of them not to mail it. However I did see it online, and like abatt picked up a copy at the MET to mark up for planning purposes. Not that I don’t have the season memorized already…..
  7. I have only seen Simkin offstage, and he is taller than me. And of course I’ve seen Simkin and Boylston together on stage both on pointe and off pointe. I guess their partnership reminds me a little of Julio and Nina. The first time they were paired together (as a result of her original partner’s injury), I actually called ABT to make sure that the NYT was correct about them being scheduled to dance together. I remember asking if Nina wasn’t too big for Julio and would he be able to lift her. The response was, “Julio is very strong”. Needless to say, it turned into a gorgeous pairing. And of course there was the excellent partner, Jock Soto, who was usually shorter than most of his partners when they were on pointe. In any case, I do like seeing the girl a bit smaller for the boy, so I guess I can’t argue with you from an aesthetic point of view. Simkin is obviously more suitable with Sarah Lane, Maria K. and of course Misty. However size isn’t everything, as I do feel chemistry lacking with the latter. I would prefer to see him with someone taller on pointe rather than dancing with someone who is shorter, but lacking chemistry. But hey, I don’t make up the casting schedule, and will just have to take what they dish out.
  8. Yes, of course you are entitled to your own opinion. But I do wonder if you have seen them dance together as Isabella is not taller than Daniil. Sure, she is taller when on point, but that is not very uncommon. I’ve been to all of their NY Swan Lakes and Don Qs and he is quite strong, and has no difficulty partnering her. Their performances just got better and better. I was so disappointed when they were not cast together this year as they have terrific chemistry.
  9. My impression of Sleeping Beauty with Boylston/Gorak - Saturday matinee Boylston - Oh so stunning with those gorgeous feet and her rock solid balances! She was exquisite. As always, Gorak was a lovely partner. I have loved watching his rise and hope he makes principal before long. However he really needs to work on his solos as his jumps were barely off the ground. Barbee was the King. Boylston presented him with a flower at the end of the performance which was a lovely gesture. I went crazy screaming Bravo and the lady in front of me turned around, and nodded in agreement that Victor will be missed. We had a feast of marvelous corps and soloists which included the exquisite Courtney Lavine as one of the fairies. Kevin needs to start using her more often. She has such beautiful limbs and musicality. It was a joy to watch her.
  10. I am finally getting around to writing up my impressions of two performances..... Boylston/Whiteside/Simkin - R&J As I had hoped, Boylston was a charming Juliet who oozed pure innocence and love. Her dancing was youthful, feminine, secure and strong. And she had those gorgeous loose arms which made for such wonderful lifts which were particularly beautiful when Whiteside was tossing her around. The final scene was especially breathtaking. Whiteside was the big surprise. He was a wonderful partner and his dancing was first-rate, but his facial expressions need a lot of work. Many people on BA alert complain that he never changes expression. I agree that it is minimal. He does change his expressions, but it is subtle. But even with his limited range of expressions, they both managed to bring tears to my eyes in the final scene. They did MacMillan proud. Simkin was an electrifying Mercutio which he danced with his usual technical brilliance. He had the perfect combination of seriousness and good humor and is a born natural for the role. Victor Barbee was heart wrenching as Lord Capulet. This Lord was really distressed. Stephanie Williams was pretty good as Lady Capulet and Patrick Ogle was a very convincing Tybalt. I have seen him dance the role in previous years, and he is really growing into the role. I loved Calvin Royal’s Benvolio. Sometimes the Benvolio character can be so bland, but Royal had a perfect mixture of acting and great dancing. When will he be promoted to soloist???? Foster did a wonderful job playing Paris. He really lost his patience with Juliet. Depending on the dancer, this can often be an invisible role. Foster really stood out for me. Unfortunately some baby or kid was screaming and crying during the first act. It was so loud that we heard it from the other side of the orchestra. I’m sure it was a distraction to the dancers and orchestra as well. It took at least five minutes for it to stop during the performance. When we were leaving the theater, we heard the exact screaming and crying from a kid who looked to be about 8 years old, so we’re guessing it wasn’t a baby after all. Copeland/Simkin/Salstein - R&J First let me start off by saying that I attended this performance to see Daniil’s debut as Romeo, and he did not disappoint. Daniil was an absolutely gorgeous Romeo. Playful, loving, and gut wrenching. His dancing was exceptional as always. He broke my heart. She didn’t. Misty was marginally better in R&J than Swan Lake probably because the dancing is not nearly as difficult for Juliet. But I still saw the same shortcomings, especially with her back flexibility. Copeland and Simkin are well matched in height, but that’s about it. I have no idea why people on BA keep saying he is too short for her. He is much taller than she is, and they look fine together when she is on point. However, as with their Swan Lake, I see no chemistry between them. I thought Daniil partnered her well, with the exception of one lift. I am not sure who was at fault, but Misty had trouble getting her footing on Daniil’s shoulder. I didn’t see any other mistakes or mishaps other than that. I would love to see Simkin dance R&J with Boylston as they always have chemistry to spare.
  11. I was at Wednesday’s matinee performance of Swan Lake with Copeland/Simkin. Of course this is MY personal review of the performance, so others may not agree. First let me start off by saying that the reason I attended this performance, is because I am HUGE Simkin fan, and I rarely miss any of his performances. He was a wonderful partner yesterday, and of course his solos were spectacular as always. His final leap was breathtaking. I’m used to the wonderful chemistry that he has developed with Boylston, however, there was absolutely no chemistry with Misty. Now on to Misty. Regrettably I wasn’t crazy about her interpretation of Odette/Odile. I felt no emotion from this Odette. She left me cold. I want an Odette to bring me to tears (which Veronika Part usually manages to do). Misty’s Odile was marginally better than her Odette, but there was not much of a range besides some flashes of a quick evil smile. Don’t hold me to it, but as far as the fouettés, it looked like 23 singles and maybe 2 doubles. She could not hold her arabesques and does not have much back flexibility. There was no suppleness to her spine. She just leaned her head back and looked best when she could lean into Daniil for support. Nina Ananiashvili set the bar very high for me, and whether it is fair or not, everyone I see is always compared to her Odette/Odile. So feel free to disagree!
  12. I’m pretty sure that I was at that 2008 performance as well. If you go back far enough in ABT’s news area, you can see the casting that was posted on May 6 for the May 24 Saturday matinee performance. It notes in 4th paragraph: "The matinee performance on Saturday, May 24 will feature debuts by Cory Stearns as Conrad.....". See link below which includes casting at the bottom of the page.
  13. Yes, it was very crowded, but it went smoothly. I am a subscriber, but I needed to buy some additional tickets. I got there ten minutes before the box office opened and waited an hour. They had 6 windows open, plus they were using the opera ticket window when no one else was waiting. Fortunately the timing worked out perfectly as I had tickets for Paul Taylor at 2:00PM.
  14. I ordered a trio/create your own series online just a few days ago, and was given the option to order additional single performances at that time. The offer/link does not come up until you have completed your trio/create your own series order. This is the same option I've had in the past.
  15. Bolle and Vishneva are both scheduled to dance during ABT’s 2016 MET season. I have not heard anything about Hallberg leaving ABT. Isn't he still out from injury?