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Bolshoi 2021/2022 Season


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Sometimes a bit of sunshine is really appreciated.

Elizaveta Kokoreva, with Igor Tsvirko, appeared yesterday in Don Quixote.

For me, the amazing Eva Sergeyenkova has eclipsed everything. Both these young artists were recently promoted to Leading Soloists. Videos have appeared of the vibrant Elizaveta Kokoreva’s Kitri (Don Quixote) and they are a pleasant reminder that she’s there as well.

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Recently a video clip of Carmen Suite with  Anna Nikulina  and Artemy Belyakov was posted. I’m not sure when the performance was as I believe that the company is on vacation.

I consider Anna Nikulina to be the most graceful and Mariinsky-like dancer in the company aside from the dancers that come from the Mariinsky theater or its school. This is what I’ve always liked most about her and is what has made her one of my favorite Bolshoi dancers.

In this video clip she surprisingly gives one of the most sophisticated dramatic performances that I’ve seen of this role. Artemy Belyakov is also very good. This is a quality that I’ve never noticed in her before, but one that is characteristic of many company dancers.

With the departure of Olga Smirnova, the very young and very talented Eva Sergeenkova is now perhaps the company’s best at this. Yet Ann Nikulina does a very commendable job.

Another surprise that’s related in nature is the Mariinsky’s Renata Shakirova’s recent La Bayadere. She also gives a very sophisticated dramatic performance that I’d don’t normally associate with her. I’ve seen her do well dramatically, but not like this. If she continues at this level she may become even more special at the Mariinsky, making her perhaps the only one at the Mariinsky that excels at this and is worthy of a recognition that’s usually reserved for artists from the Bolshoi.     

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