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Romeo et Juliette + Bonus Material: West Side Story Suite Final Rehearsal Footage

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PNB's February offering is Maillot's Romeo et Juliette, "opening" on February 11:


This is included for 2020-21 subscriptions, which typically has interviews and other bonus material, and is available with a one-time $39 digital ticket.


Casting for this filmed performance, which includes chances to see the now retired Margaret Mullin, Jonathan Porretta, Benjamin Griffiths, and Kylee Kitches, is:

Romeo-James Yoichi Moore

Juliet-Noelani Pantastico

Nurse-Margaret Mullin

Lady Capulet-Laura Tisserand

Tybalt-Seth Orza

Mercutio-Jonathan Porretta

Benvolio-Benjamin Griffiths

Paris-Joshua Grant

Rosaline-Kylee Kitchens

Friar Laurence-Miles Pertl

Acolytes-Kyle Davis, Price Suddarth

PNB just announced that with the purchase of the digital ticket to Romeo et Juliette will be footage from the final dress rehearsal of West Side Story Suite, with a chance to see new Principal Angelica Generosa as Anita and the now-retired Lindsi Dec as Anita and Margaret Mullin as Rosalie.  


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54 minutes ago, canbelto said:

Is this R&J a traditional one in the vein of MacMillan or is it more abstract like the other Maillot pieces?

I've seen a few other Maillot's works (Lac, Cendrillon, La Belle), I believe R&J to be his career highlight.  It is not way out there like the other ones, it's softer and quite beautiful.  It is not traditional in that he tells the story a bit differently but it works well.  The Seattle audience (generally) loved it immediately.  There was a Kent Stowell R&J that has been retired and I haven't heard any complaints.

It uses the Prokofiev score and it flows like a film.  I guess I'd say it is a bit abstract mostly in the death scene in the end but I actually liked how Maillot stripped down imagery heavy imagery like churches and crypts so we could focus on the action.  Mercutio also has a bigger role and it is so excellently played by Jonathon Poretta.  There is a lot of risque humor (it is French) and I love the show within the show, it is brilliant.  When I first saw the slow motion melee, wow I was entranced.  It will be interesting to watch this piece at home on a big screen.

Helene pointed out some noteworthy casting.  It's also worth mentioning that the Juliet, Noelani Pantastisco, was offered a contract by Maillot in 2008 and left PNB to dance with Maillot's company for 7 years, returning to PNB in 2015.  Juliet is one of her treasured signature roles.

For anyone considering a single ticket purchase, I highly recommend it.  Funny story for example:  A friend from SFO (hard core SFB fan on this platform) flew up one weekend with two pre-purchased tickets.  He hadn't seen it yet.  We had discussed whether we might pick up a third show, but he wasn't sure ahead of time.  When the curtain came down after the first show Friday night he immediately leaned over and said "I'm definitely going to need to see this a third time".  🤭

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I received my digital ticket about three hours ago.

There is not a Five Minute Call this time, I suspect because the dancers are still on a super long layoff and haven't been around to record any fun stuff.  Instead the show is introduced by James Yoichi Moore, including the annual Second Stage (transitional career fund for dancers) ask, followed by additional inspiring remarks by Noelani Pantastico.

We don't get to see Doug Fullington this time; they've inserted a Ballet Talk link.  Good if you need to fix a drink or some food before the show I guess.

The Meet the Artist video is hosted by Peter Boal with Noelani (Juliet) and James (Romeo).  

Advertised, but I didn't realize, are Larae Hascall and Mark Zappone discussing the build of Jerome Kaplan's designs.  Larae was the PNB Costume Shop manager for some thirty years or so and Mark worked in France way back when and currently designs for multiple ballet companies.  Should be fun.  They always have humorous anecdotes about acquiring materials, etc.

Spoiler alert: Not advertised, so a pleasant surprise, is Vivaldi's Four Seasons (Summer) performed by the PNB Orchestra

https://order.pnb.org/digital/rep3 if you still need to buy a ticket.  Streaming avail until Feb 15 midnight.

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I still can't believe Noe did every single performance back in 2008. This production was such a treat to watch again; if PNB ever were to release a DVD with their dancers (if I'm not mistaken, BDMC has one) I would absolutely buy it.


Did anyone else tear up at the end of "Somewhere" in WSS, with the realization that that kind of gathering and singing isn't possible anymore due to Covid? So beautiful, so missed.

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