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POB dancers during the lockdown

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I suspect knowledge of French isn't required to enjoy this barre taught by Hugo Marchand from his kitchen. The POB plans to have étoiles teach class from home on Fridays Thursdays. Future classes will be led by Eleonora Abbagnato, Dorothée Gilbert, Germain Louvet, Valentine Colasante and Léonore Baulac.


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I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this; but here goes.

POB is also putting up videos that concentrate on individual dancers, and parts of which (at least) appear to have been made before the Covid-19 crisis. Here's a lovely one about Héloïse Bourdon, dancing Balanchine and talking about his work. It looks as if the dance passages were filmed earlier; but the talk by Mlle Bourdon might have been done recently. If I'm wrong about any of this, please correct me.

I've long thought she was a great artist. Her explanations of style, of Balanchine and so forth are entirely consistent with that. And as usual, she looks the part — beautiful dancing, beautiful woman.


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