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Sleeping Beauty choreography- Martins, Balanchine Garland


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The Martins version of SB is high octane, just like almost everything else Martins choreographs.  Speed is given primary importance, which has unfortunate results in most instances in the NYCB Sleeping Beauty.  The dancers frequently look very hurried, especially in the fairy variations.   The Balanchine Garland Dance is absolutely gorgeous, and it makes you wish that Balanchine had choreographed the entire SB ballet.

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I agree with abatt:  the orchestra takes the fairy variations at such a clip that you get tired watching.  There's nothing royal or timeless about it:  "Shut up and hand over the presents."  


I don't know if Martins has made changes since I last saw it in 2004, but the Act III variations were Gold (man) and Diamond, Ruby and Emeral (three women).  The divertissements were:


  • White Cat and Puss in Boots.  Yvonne Borree and Albert Evans owned those roles in its first three seasons.
  • Florine/Bluebird -- the first time I saw it, Kelly Cass, Peter Boal's wife, was Princess Florine
  • Red Riding Hood/Wolf -- for an adult man and a girl, with other children.  Zoe Zien, formerly with Miami City Ballet and Susan Pilarre's daughter, was the original Little Red Riding Hood.  From a theater standpoint, I found this to be Martins' most inventive segment.
  • Jesters (three men)
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