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2016 Mariinsky International Ballet Festival, Mar 31-Apr 10

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Diana Vishneva's evening of modern choreography (including WOMAN IN A ROOM), on the 2nd night of the festival has been changed. It will now be a tribute to DV's teacher - and pedagogue of so many stars through the years - Ludmilla Kovaleva. DV will still dance one modern piece but the evening now will include many classical pieces in a Divertissement to be performed by Kovaleva's most famous students, including Olga Esina and other guests.


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Live webcast:


1 April Friday 19:30-22:30

XVI International Ballet Festival MARIINSKY

Diana Vishneva. Tribute to a Teacher

An evening of ballet in honour of Professor Lyudmila Kovaleva

The programme includes:

I. Divertissement featuring students of Lyudmila Kovaleva:
Ekaterina Borchenko (Mikhailovsky Theatre), Olga Esina (Wiener Staatsoper), Sofia Gumerova, Alisa Petrenko, Olga Smirnova (Bolshoi Theatre), Kristina Shapran, Nika Tskhvitaria (Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Music Theatre), Diana Vishneva, Zlata Yalinich, Timur Askerov, Vitaly Amelishko, Alexander Beloborodov,Roman Belyakov , Yevgeny Ivanchenko, Igor Kolb, Danila Korsuntsev, Roman Lazik (Wiener Staatsoper), Vladimir Malakhov,Artem Ovcharenk> (Bolshoi Theatre), Alexander Sergeyev, Alexei Tyutyunnik, Nail Yenikeyev, Andrei Yermakov

Choreography by
Hans van Manen
Ballet Master: Rachel Beaujean
Lighting Design: Bert Dalhuysen
Costume Design: Keso Dekker
Video master: Henk van Dijk
Piano: Olga Khoziainova

Diana Vishneva and Konstantin Zverev

The Mariinsky Orchestra
Conductor: Gavriel Heine

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How nice to see all the dancers greet and present flowers to Kovaleva! That was the loveliest aspect of this evening.

As a gala performance I found it, on video at least, a mixed affair. Had I been in the theater I daresay I would have enjoyed seeing Vishneva--on video I was unwilling to watch the Van Manen beyond the first few minutes. She is a great, great artist, but what she is doing just doesn't seem to communicate to me in this recorded format. Some of the point of "Live" in particular seems lost even when one can make sense of it intellectually. Perhaps I will make myself watch it later.

The highlight for me of what I DID watch was Smirnova's variation/coda in Don Q; when she is really in command of what she does the movement looks simultaneously regal and joyous. And I appreciated the speed in such a long limbed dancer. However, the adagio looked a bit labored for my taste though I allow that the role is new to her and, again, I'm watching video. (Perhaps Ovcharenko is not the best partner for her...but perhaps the adago will work better at their upcoming performance in April.) I also enjoyed Borchenko in Corsaire and I always quite like Yermakov.

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Yes, Vishneva is a great artist. However, she has chosen, increasingly, to focus on non-classical work. For me, her modern non-ballet works don't work on video or in person anymore. I thought she might do something remotely classical at the gala, since this was a tribute to the teacher that helped her reach her full potential as a classical ballerina. But no, that did not happen.

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There was a 45 minute broadcast yesterday in russian with excerpts and comments from this year’s Festival.

Replay starts at 1:25 into video. http://telepoisk.com/peredacha-tv-archiv/803144516/27-5-2016

This is the program in french. (posted by Sophia at Dansomanie)

- la première du Cavalier de Bronze de Youri Smekalov

- La Bayadère, avec Mai Nagasahi, de l'Académie Princesse Grace, Kimin Kim, Oksana Skorik et Hannah O'Neill

- Le Lac des cygnes [swan Lake] avec Héloïse Bourdon et Timour Askerov

- la venue du Ballet de Perm (interview d'Alexei Miroshnichenko)

- la création de Benjamin Millepied

- la soirée de Diana Vichneva en hommage à son professeur Ludmila Kovaleva, avec notamment Olga Smirnova et Olga Esina

- la soirée des Jeunes Chorégraphes, avec Maxim Petrov, Andrei Merkuriev, Ksenia Zvereva, Ilia Jivoi

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