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A Ballerina's Tale World Premiere /

Filmmaker Nelson George will debut "A Ballerina’s Tale", his documentary on trailblazing dancer Misty Copeland at the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival (April 15 -26). The premiere will be followed by a Q&A with Misty Copeland and a special ballet performance by her mentees Erica Lall (American Ballet Theatre's Studio Company) and Naazir Muhammad (ABT's JKO School), sponsored by Under Armour.

Unfortunately neither site is saying what actual day and time this is happening!

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It's now on Netflix, for anybody who hasn't seen it yet.

I just finished it and was a little disappointed to be honest. We never get to know Misty the person, the struggles to make it, her dreams, her relationship with her family, how she felt after she was promoted to soloist, then principal, the UA ad who went viral, how she feels about being famous now etc...We get other people giving us tidbits of information here and there, but it never comes from her. I honestly learned more from Wikipedia in 15 minutes than I did watching this documentary, and it seems like she had such an interesting background that never got explored here.

I feel like it was a missed opportunity; you have Misty right there and that's all you do with it? She's such an amazing dancer, and we barely see her dance. The camera shots were awful as well. This could have, and should have been so much better.

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