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Alas, it's blocked outside France, but if you've got the means to work around that, yesterday's POB performance of Clear, Loud, Bright, Forward; Opus 19/The Dreamer and Theme and Variations is available on Culturebox for the next six months.


Millepied/Muhly: Clear, Loud, Bright, Forward

Léonore Baulac, Eleonore Guérineau, Aubane Philbert, Marion Barbeaum, Letizia Galloni, Laurène Levy, Roxane Stojanov, Ida Viikinkoski

Axel Ibot, Florimond Lorieux, Germain Louvet, Allister Madin, Hugo Marchand, Marc Moreau, Yvon Demol, Jérémy-Loup Quer

Robbins/Prokofiev: Opus 19/The Dreamer
Mathias Heymann, Amandine Albisson

Balanchine/Tchaikovsky: Theme and Variations

Laura Hecquet, Josua Hoffalt

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I have seen the broadcast yesterday. Unfortunatelly, the new work of Millepied was a disappointment. Only the pas de deux with Baulac and Marchard was interesting in my opinoin. The stage set was amazing with lamps moving.

Opus 19/ The dreamer was lovely with Heymann and Albisson. I always liked Albisson, but she shines in this ballet!

Theme and variations was nice aswell. I'm not the biggest fan of Hecquet, so i did not like it as much the dreamer.

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I can't say I disagree with you. Millepied's piece is too long, certainly in comparison with the two far greater works on the same program. In T&V Hecquet and Hoffalt were not nearly as incivise or stylish as they needed to be, and she looked tense and daunted by the assignment. But the performance of Opus 19 was very interesting. I never saw Baryshnikov dance it, but every time I'd seen the ballet, at least when performed by New York City Ballet, I'd felt as though I had, so strongly did his particular dynamic seem to be imprinted on the choreography. The problem was that no one I saw in the lead could seem to measure up to my imagined standard. But Heymann found his own way into the choreography and produced a performance free of Baryshnikov's shadow. Good for him.

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Good find, Volcanohunter - thanks much. The first time through, there was an incredibly annoying load icon being displayed in the middle of the screen (throughout the entire video). Fortunately, on replay there was no icon in the way of things.

T&V looks quite energetic. Is that Laura Hecquet in the lead role?

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