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Royal Ballet Romeo rehearsal live stream

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Romeo and Juliet rehearsal to be live-streamed on 11 September 2015

Insights event will feature Sarah Lamb and Ryoichi Hirano rehearsing the star-crossed lovers' pas de deux, and Alexander Campbell being coached through Mercutio's solos.

A Royal Ballet rehearsal of Kenneth MacMillan's Romeo and Juliet will be live-streamed via YouTube and the Royal Opera House website from 7.15pm BST (2.15 pm EDT) on 11 September 2015.

The event — one of a number of upcoming live-streams from the Royal Opera House — will feature members of the Company rehearsing both pas de deux and solos, as well as being interviewed. Sarah Lamb and Ryoichi Hirano will rehearse the act one and three pas de deux, and Alexander Campbell will be coached through Mercutio's solos from acts one and two. The session will be led by Senior Ballet Master Christopher Saunders.

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It was reassuring to see Christopher Saunders trying to strip away some of those accretions when they didn't come across as spontaneous.

I also found the stream very interesting. I only objected to the trailer describing this production as "Kenneth MacMillan's ground-breaking ballet." MacMillan's Romeo is so derivative of Cranko's that I almost feel as though Cranko should get co-credit for the choreography.

Regarding the cinema screening, the ROH web site is now showing some dates for the U.S., some on September 22, and others as late as November. Use the "screening search" box to find them.


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I found watching the rehearsal fascinating. All the detail that go into a few bars of music. Of course, after watching it I immediately took out my DVDs of Ferri dancing Juliet with the Royal Balllet and a second one of her dancing it with La Scala. (I also took out my Rojo/Acosta blu-Ray but unfortunately my blu-Ray player is broken)

Ferri did the first PDD at the ballroom pretty much as Christopher Saunders rehearsed it. But the second PDD in the bedroom was significantly different. The biggest difference (especially in the RB version) was that Ferri goes limp in Paris' arms several times. Even when Paris (Julian Hosking) lifts her up, Ferri looks weightless. I know that MacMillan coached Ferri, and assume that she is doing the more "authentic" version. However, I'm trying to remember if anyone at ABT dances the role as Ferri does. Anyway, I loved it. It so effectively conveys her utter despair and desperation at having to marry Paris. My main question is why Christopher Saunders didnt teach that to Sarah Lamb? Perhaps, he simply doesn't remember.

I also loved watching Saunders coach Alexander Campbell as Mercutio. That solo in the ballroom is impressively danced. And we desperately need Mr. Saunders here to coach Daniil Simkin (and other ABT cast members playing Mercutio) in the death scene. They all played it for comedy now, which I hated. I was thrilled when Herman Cornejo reprised the role the night of Julie zkent's retirement. He danced it naturally and as a tragedy.

In any case, it was a fascinating 1.5 hours and the type of thing ABT should be doing to attract a new audience. In fact, the ROH channel is filled with rehearsals, demonstrations, etc. a very effect use of social media. I believe ABT has a channel but it's a dud. If I were not going to NYCB's opening night (Sara Mearns in Martins' SL) I would go to the RB R&J. My husband, who is not going to SL is, thanks to this demonstration, probably going to see the ROH R&J. So, take notice ABT, there are ways other than stunt casting, to attract a new audience.

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One point Michael Kaiser emphasizes in all his books (which I recommend) is to do all you can to keep your supporters (both ticket buyers and donors) happy and to make them feel they are part of a family/community. These live-streamed, open rehearsals are a great way to do just that. They keep people connected to the "inner-workings" of the company and also keep them connected between performances. I just wish American companies did more of that! As important as it is to attract new audiences, hanging onto the old ones is awfully important, too.

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There are music festivals, competitions, and opera companies that I feel almost as attached to as my local companies because of radio broadcasts, HD's, streamed events, podcasts, etc.

Given how companies rue that subscriptions are down, keeping people engaged and involved is even more criticäl.

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If I were not going to NYCB's opening night (Sara Mearns in Martins' SL) I would go to the RB R&J. My husband, who is not going to SL is, thanks to this demonstration, probably going to see the ROH R&J.

According to the ROH site, Romeo and Juliet won't be screened in New York on September 22. There will be a screening at the Sunshine Cinema on Houston St. on Sunday, October 18, and at Symphony Space on 95th and Broadway on Wednesday, October 28 (albeit at 1:00 pm!). There are also supposed to be screenings on October 18 in Bayonne, NJ, Hawthorne Elmsford, NY, and Fairfield, CT.

Perhaps both you and your husband will be able to attend.


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