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This is the Pas de Cinq for the leading female character, Tao Hoa, and four Phoenixes, from the long "Dream of Tao Hoa" portion of Act II. The Russ-lang description accompanying this film tells us that its choreographer is Vladimir I. Ponomaryov*. Interesting timing, as VP was responsible for creating Act II in the Jan. 1929 Leningrad version -- the very first Leningrad version -- of the ballet (Lopuknov created AI; Kurilko A3).

This was a big rarity even when Makarova et al danced it, as this original Leningrad version of Red Poppy was supplanted in 1945 by Zakharov's edition...which, in turn, was supplanted in 1958 by the 3rd and final Leningrad version by one Bobyshov.

The Ballet premiered at the Bolshoi which also went through no less than three versions, all different from the three Leningrad versions. Problematic ballet?

* p.s. - No, today's Mariinsky Ballet's great character principal with the same name is not so old! Today's Vladimir M. Ponomayov is the grandson of the choreographer.

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