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Modern and Other Dance Small Backer Funding Projects

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There is also this modestly budgeted project: "$1812 for 1812" http://kck.st/LMEjxD which is past the halfway point.

Rainey Lacey's MFA thesis performance based on Napoleon's invasion of Russia in 1812 is a story ballet that combines dance and theatre techniques and enlists a cast of characters that include but are not limited to: four synchronized swimmers, a princess, and a grizzly bear.

There are six very dedicated dancers who have given 50 hours of work towards this project. Because my graduate stipend is very small, I can only afford to pay these dancers $1 an hour for their work. This is insulting.

I'm asking to raise $1812 for our performance of Tchaikovski's "1812 Overture". This amount will be split six equal ways to solely support the six dancers traveling from Charlottesville, Virginia. They will be residing in Durham, North Carolina for the week prior to this thesis performance on July 28th, 2012. This money reimburses their food and travel expenses, as well as supports their final paycheck.

As I finish graduate school in dance and choreography, I see how vital it is to show support for the arts. Money is a tool, and right now it is your way to show that you value this work, as well as the work of these six dancers: Audrey Fenske, Megan Giroir, Caitlin Lennon, Emily Mott, Moira Price, and Devin Sweet.

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And this worthy one:

American Dance Guild:


I can't "quote" from the iPad interface, but below it the reason I find it worthy:

Special features of the festival include:

John Pennington (of Lewitzky and Horton lineage) will perform a newly reconstructed “Dances Before God “ of Harald Kreutzberg, the legendary German dancer whose performance galvanized both Jose Limon and Erick Hawkins (by their own reports) to pursue professional dancing; -- Molissa Fenley presents her duet “100 Vessels” to music of Phillip Glass; Joseph Mills presents his acclaimed “Circle Walker,” moving inside a spherical sculpture. And many, many more!

Other featured choreographers include:

Other participating artists include: Kyla Barkin, Peggy Choy, Shani Collins, Molissa Fenley, Betsy Fisher, Kaoru Ikeda, Andrew Jannetti, Allison Jones, Erin LaSala, Rebecca McArthur, Sarah Mettin, Joseph Mills, Rebecca Netti-Fiol, John Pennington, Dawn Robinson, Sasha Speilvogel/Labyrinth Dance, Jenny Showalter, Maxine Steinman, Laurie Taylor, Hee Ra Yoo, Kathy Wildberger, Tina Croll, Sue Bernard, Gloria McLean, Sarah Stackhouse, Nancy Zendora, Joan Gavaler, Mary Seidman, Joe Celi, Ellen Cornfield, Philein Wang, and Marta Renzi.

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It's now past halfway ($1,189 of $1812 with 12 days left). http://www.kickstart...9/1812-for-1812

Maybe we should have a sub-forum off "Ballet Videos, Films, etc." for kickstarter projects? I do think it's fun to be able to donate so affordably to creative projects and a long thread would soon get unwieldy to watch. [it would be a nice place away from kickstarter to discuss kickstarter projects... ] But if new threads are started for each project, I can see "Ballet Videos, Films, etc." getting unpleasantly crowded with such threads.

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Thank you for the suggestion. I've created a sub-forum under "Everything Else Ballet," since ballet-related projects could be film/video, raising money for choreography or live music, research, publications, etc.

This new forum is for ballet projects only. Movement and other dance projects belong in a single thread in "Other Dance" - i.e., this one -- even if ballet dancers are employed.

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Another worthy project!!

"Miss Hill"



Martha Hill's bio on Wikipedia might also inpire some interest: http://en.wikipedia....iki/Martha_Hill

"Hill remained the director of dance at Juilliard until 1985, training generations of dancers to the highest level of technique and artistry. Her students included Paul Taylor, Muriel Topaz, Pina Bausch,Daniel Lewis, Lar Lubovitch, Dennis Nahat, Linda Kent, Bruce Marks, Mercedes Ellington, H.T. Chen, Martha Clarke, Susan Marshall, Jenny Coogan, Robert Garland, Mark Haim, Henning Rübsam and Stanley Love. Hill was named Artistic Director Emeritus in 1985, but continued to teach at Juilliard for several years."

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Artistic Director Jim May and the Anna Sokolow Theatre/Dance Ensemble is seeking support for the company's reconstruction of choreographer Anna Sokolow's work Lyric Suite (1953) last performed in 1991. Lyric Suite premiered in Mexico City in 1953 and presented in New York City the following year. Louis Horst in Dance Observer wrote, “It is one of the finest examples of lyric theater dance. It speaks in abstract and stark simplicity, translating the qualitative moods of the music into penetrating and evocative movement designs. Superbly choreographed and thoroughly integrated with the music, its lyric beauty has a direct appeal to kinesthetic response".

They are seeking $5,000 by November 15, 2012:



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We're always complaining about the dearth of up-and-coming choreographers. Here's an opportunity to help develop some.


This project makes it possible for new choreographers to develop their craft by providing studio space and a performance opportunity. They're awfully close to their goal with seven (six and a half?) days to meet their goal. This year, the choreographers are working in San Francisco and New York, with two performances in Brooklyn on February 8 and 9.

NACHMO's website: http://www.nachmo.org/

What is Nachmo?

Nachmo is your yearly choreographic kick in the pants conceived by Sharyn Korey and Anna Brown Massey. We spur dancers to choreograph by challenging you to work against a deadline. You’ve got one rollicking month from January 1st to the 31st to forge new steps and complete your piece. Your work doesn’t have to be good, nor does it have to be public, but it does have to be done.

For this one month each year, we put aside our excuses, our hesitations, and perhaps our day jobs to work intensely on making dance. Through the communal Nachmo blog, social media, and live events throughout January, we provide opportunities for individual artists to network and collaborate.
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Mark Morris Dance Group has a deal with Great Performances and Bel Air Media to film "L'Allegro" in live performance. The company is trying to raise $80K to replace the well-worn costumes, which aren't camera-worthy. This project is on indiegogo:


Minimum donation is $5, and there are optional premiums at various giving levels: anything $100 or over gets an advance copy of the DVD. $10K gets you dinner with Mark Morris. [jk] $15K gets you out of dinner with Mark Morris. [/jk] Deadline for giving is 15 July 2014 at 11:59pm Pacific Time.

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95% to target for MMDG, with a little less than a day and half to go.

Since the campaign is set for flexible funding, if they raise the last $3,747 by tomorrow night to make their goal, they'll save almost 4% on fees (~ $3K), since the indiegogo fee for campaigns that meet their goal is 4%, vs. 9% if they don't (less 25% discount for being a registered 501 © (3)).

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I thought these crowd funding sites were meant for up and coming struggling artists who have little or no money but who have wonderful ideas for projects. Mark Morris and the MMDG is not a struggling little dance company. I like the MMDG and I've gone to many of their performances over the years, but it strikes me as a little bit odd that such a well established, well funded organization is attempting to raise money for costumes in this way.

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This is an intersting article about crowd funding sites. The article raises interesting arguments as to why these crowd funding sites are not meant to finance projects of well established, wealthy artists.

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