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Sergei Polunin Appearances

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Yes, he is.

When I saw "Sleeping Beauty" in London about five years ago, I thought I was a genius because, knowing few of the Royal Ballet men, I recognized how great he was among the line of Prologue Fairy partners, who, essentially, lift, promenade, and tendu. "Oh," I thought to myself, "Alert Monica Mason!!!!," until late in the performance he was featured in a Wedding Act Pas de Trois. Talk about blushing.gif .

Which reminds me of the time I didn't read the program before the performance and thought I had heard the Next Great Baritone sing Yeletsky's aria in a performance of "Queen of Spades," at the Met, and it turned out to be Dmitri Hvorostovsky, whom I didn't recognize because they put him in a brown wig blushing.gif .

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Wow, The clip came out so quickly! thanks.GIF

Just for this variation, I wish Polunin would have done in the Bolshoi traditional way. I also like to see how the drama being developed in ACT I. It would be even more interesting, if Polunin and Mercuriev could change their roles, Polunin as Hans and Mercuriev Albrecht. Ha, ...

I have no doubt about that Polunin is an excellent dancer, a super jumper, and a good artist from heart. I hope Bolshoi could grab him to dance The Flames of Paris, ..., sometimes soon. However, I don't think Stanislavsky Theater is not suitable for him. Igor Zelensky is an accomplished artist who took Polunin under his wings not only for his company, but also taking care of Polunin's artistic future. With Zakharova and Zelensky both in Moscow, Polunin would not feel bored, at least for now.

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