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PNB Dancers Performing Elsewhere

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Ezra Thomson and Saho Kumagai (from the PNB School) danced Price Suddarth's "The Spaces Between" from last spring's Next Step program in the Chop Shop showcase in Bellevue this weekend.

And Grand Rapids Ballet, directed by Patricia Barker, was also part of the programming.

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Not a dancer but an Artistic Director, and not now but from 1957, the VAI release of "New York City Ballet in Montreal, Volume 2" includes Francia Russell in "Agon":

(Telecast of November 5, 1957) AGON (introduced by Balanchine)
Choreography by George Balanchine
Music by Igor Stravinsky
Diana Adams, Violette Verdy, Jillana, Francia Russell, Todd Bolender, Arthur Mitchell, Richard Rapp, Roy Tobias, Susan Borree, Carole Fields, and Marlene Mesavage
Orchestre de Radio-Canada
Robert Irving, conductor


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Angelica Generosa will be at the Vail international Dance Festival this summer:


Carla Korbes will be an Artist in Residence.

Both will perform in International Evenings of Dance I (August 7) and II (August 8)



Korbes will also appear in the Balanchine Celebration program (August 9):


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Steven Loch will return to LakeCities Ballet to perform Marius in a production of "Le Ballet de Dracula," and he was interviewed in the "Lewisville Leader:"




The company has a YouTube video about the production, which is performed annually in the Fall, this year on October 14-15:


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I don't know that he'll be dancing in his own work, but Kyle Davis will have a work in the annual Chop Shop showcase in Bellevue next February.  The program is run by Eva Stone, who teaches contemporary dance and choreography at PNB, and has presented other PNB folks as performers and choreographers there in the past.

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14 hours ago, millvillemurphs said:

William Lin-Yee is dancing in Giselle in Nagoya, Japan

Glad he's getting this opportunity -- I thought his Hilarion here in Seattle the last time the company performed the work had some true pathos.  I imagine it will translate well into his Alberecht.

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At least one PNB dancer will be performing at the Atheneum Dance Festival in Nantucket at the end of July:



Artistic Director Tyler Angle recently spoke to Rebecca King Ferraro and Michael Breeden about the Festival and his approach in this interview on their podcast, Conversations on Dance:


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