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  1. millvillemurphs

    Ballet West 2018/2019 Season

    Ballet West announced the programming for next season: https://balletwest.org/uncategorized/ballet-wests-55th-season-brims-with-energy-magic-and-drama Looks like an ambitious season, including the full program of Jewels, Swan Lake, and Cranko's Onegin.
  2. millvillemurphs

    Nevada Ballet Theatre Director Steps Down

    Roy Kaiser, formerly with Pennsylvania Ballet, has been appointed the new Artistic Director. http://nevadaballet.org/Media/Press-Release
  3. millvillemurphs

    American National Ballet

    @ABT Fan - https://www.instagram.com/usinternationalballet/ The quote above is from their very first post on IG.
  4. millvillemurphs

    American National Ballet

    I wonder if this is the attempted rebirth of ANB: Instagram post from U.S. International Ballet: "The U.S. International Ballet is leading the American waive (sic) of bringing health and diversity to ballet! Dancers are chosen for passion and talent, never for a specific body type. Diversity is celebrated! Join us at the U.S. International ballet - where your dance dreams can come true!" The company description sounds exceedingly similar to ANB's. I can't locate a web-site for them yet; according to the Instagram description, they are based out of Wilmington, NC.
  5. millvillemurphs

    Sacramento Ballet

    Anthony Krutzkamp has been appointed as Executive Director: http://www.sacballet.org/sacramento-ballet-announces-new-executive-director/ it will be interesting to watch the development and direction of this company in the next few years.
  6. millvillemurphs

    Sacramento Ballet

    The Sacramento Ballet has announced a new Artistic Director beginning the 2018-1019 season - Amy Seiwert. http://www.sacballet.org/sacramento-ballet-announces-new-artistic-director-20182019-season/
  7. millvillemurphs

    BalletMet New Dancers 2017/18

    A few Houston Ballet alums in the mix. https://www.balletmet.org/meet-new-1718-company-dancers/