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  1. ARC Dance is presenting a 20th anniversary retrospective performance next weekend August 10-11 at the Bagley Wright Theatre. https://arcdance.org/event/arc-at-20-a-twentieth-anniversary-retrospective-performance/ The company is run by Marie Chong, a former PNB Dancer, and the show features many PNB School and Professional Division alumni including Alice Cao, Erin Crall, Daniel Ojeda, Adam Bloodgood, Mark David Bloodgood, Andre Alabastro, Levi Teachout, and Jimena Flores.
  2. Patricia Barker appointed Artistic Director of Royal New Zealand Ballet
  3. Former PNB Principal Dancer Julie Tobiason has choreographed a new work for the Seattle International Dance Festival's Spotlight on Contemporary Ballet. The cast will feature PNB School & Professional Division Alumna Alice Cao and local artist Joshua Crouch. Performances are June 21-22 7:30pm at Broadway Performance Hall. http://www.seattletimes.com/entertainment/dance/baryshnikovs-dance-collective-opens-seattle-international-dance-festival/
  4. Casting for week two has been changed. Lesley/Jerome cast will be performing Saturday night.
  5. Angelica Generosa doing Stars and Stripes at Vail International Dance Festival I could watch this for hours
  6. I missed the live stream, as it was morning here on the other side of the world, and I was at work. Any chance a recording will be available? (maybe like when some companies did 'World Ballet Day' on youtube and had the live stream recordings available in their entirety for a few days afterwards)
  7. Looks like it's outdoors! http://www.jacobspillow.org/festival/2014/06/insideout/
  8. Sandik- your wish might come true! http://www.seattlemet.com/arts-and-entertainment/culture-fiend/articles/a-fiendish-conversation-with-kaori-nakamura-may-2014
  9. Yes, Foster/Eames/Griffiths danced the Pas de Trois. The leads aren't onstage in this particular clip selection. I think the Emeralds and Rubies footage is from 2009, while the Diamonds footage is from 2013. I want to say that Bold stepped in for dress rehearsal with Carla due to Karel being injured, but I'm not positive about that.
  10. I think Emeralds is Rachel Foster/Jeff Station and Chalnessa Eames/Ben Griffith. Diamonds is Carla & Bold. Also, Moor's Pavane looks like Olivier Wevers, not Stanton.
  11. http://seattletimes.com/html/thearts/2022731092_kaorisleepingbeautyxml.html Kaori Nakamura will be retiring after this season
  12. I think that's Lindsi Dec and Lesley Rausch Maybe I'm crazy, but that looks like Stanko Milov with Carla to me... Looks like Mara Vinson and James Moore I think Josh Spell or Andrew Bartee, hard to tell
  13. It's the "Nutty Nutcracker" on Christmas Eve- December 24th 4:00pm show
  14. In the still shots Miranda Weese? Hermia looks like Kaori Nakamura
  15. I think this is Melancholic from Four Temperaments. The girls are Leanne Duge and Carli Samuelson. Maybe Mark Morris' "A Garden"?
  16. The woman who presented flowers to Jordan after Ordinary Festivals was Janie Taylor, principal dancer with New York City Ballet. I'm not sure what the relation between her and Jordan was though. The corp member Jordan singled out was Leanne Duge, who will also not be returning next season.
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