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PNB Dancers Performing Elsewhere

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Opening night of the debut performances of Seattle Dance Collective (SDC) is Friday, July 12th at the Vashon Center of the Arts, on Vashon Island, a short ferry ride from Seattle.  Noelani Pantastico and James Yoichi Moore, both principal dancers at PNB, are the founding artistic directors.  Moore mentioned in his post-performance discussion this past season, they have been working hard to curate an eclectic program to be presented this summer.  They have carefully selected some pieces which are close to their hearts, some pieces that eluded them, and a choreographer with whom they have not had the chance to work.  Op

There are 8 PNB dancers and 2 Whim W'him dancers.  For more information on the troupe, ticket purchasing, transportation, everything really see:  https://www.seattledancecollective.org/  Take a look at the program.  Choreographers such as David Dawson, Bruno Roque (Pantatisco's husband), Ivonice Satice (Shogun, a piece San Francisco Ballet hasn't performed in years), Marco Goecke (Mopey, haven't seen at PNB for a while), and Penny Saunders who we've only seen a bit through Whim W'him.  

Recent press:



I've not been to the venue before but I heard it has 300 seats so this is a great opportunity to see these amazing dancers up close.  All seats are sure to be good seats.  Four shows Friday July 12th - Sunday July 14th.  Casting was posted recently.  There are multiple casts for smaller pieces.


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Did anyone go to Vashon to see the show this past weekend?

Lucien Postlewaite and Christopher D'Ariano are heading east: according to Pointe Magazine (emphasis mine):


 July 19-21 marks Long Island's 25th Fire Island Dance Festival, a benefit series in support of Dancers Responding to AIDS. This year's line up is chock full of ballet stars and world premieres: Kyle Abraham presents an excerpt of a new work featuring American Ballet Theatre's Calvin Royal III, tap extraordinaire Michelle Dorrance debuts a world premiere featuring Robbie Fairchild, Pacific Northwest Ballet dancers Lucien Postlewaite and Christopher D'Ariano dance in a new ballet by Garrett Smith, ABT's James Whiteside has created a new work for colleagues Aran Bell and Catherine Hurlin and Christopher Wheeldon makes his Fire Island Dance Fest choreographic debut.


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4 hours ago, Helene said:

Did anyone go to Vashon to see the show this past weekend?

Yes, I caught two shows.  It was such a unique experience and everything was extremely well done.  The venue is beautiful and has great acoustics.  Even Penny Saunders heard things in the music she hadn't heard before.

In addition to the program posted on the SDC website it opened with a short piece "In a Minute" by Penny Saunders, danced by James Yoichi Moore.  It's hard to choose a favorite from the program, they were all so different and terrific.

For those who know Mopey, Ezra Thomson blew my socks off.  He had a very different interpretation, very edgy.  It's pretty hard to follow JYM opening night, but he was equally engaging, just in a different way.  

It's very late and my brain is fried, is there anything specific I can answer for anyone?

My one piece of advice for next year is I would not take the latest ferry to theoretically make the show.  I took the one before that and it was 15-20 minutes behind schedule.  If it was the last ferry, it would have been tight.

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Thank you so much for the report.  I was tying myself in all kinds of knots trying to figure a way I could get to this, and every plan was just too fraught.  I was sorry to miss this, but especially sorry to miss seeing Thomson in Mopey.  I had a feeling he would bring a very different dynamic to the work, and it sounds like that's what happened.  (I've seen it with Moore and with Griffiths -- it seems to offer the dancer a chance to step outside of their current aesthetic.  I was particularly interested in seeing where Griffiths went with it)

I'm hoping that some of this material can get performed in Seattle during the year, but I know that schedules can be very tight for those folks.

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Here & Now, Season 3, Seattle Dance Collective, Noelani Pantastico & James Yoichi Moore,  Artistic Directors

Seattle Dance Collective presents three world premieres by critically-acclaimed choreographers Juliano Nunes, FLOCK and Robyn Mineko Williams. 

Tickets are $20 for unlimited viewing during the streaming period (November 11-21).  Link to buy tickets below:



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After the run of Romeo et Juliette, in which she made her debut as Lady Capulet, Cecilia Iliesiu traveled to Lagos to teach young students, and in her most recent Instagram post, there is a short clip of her performing the Verdy solo from "Emeralds," along with some photos:

Here's a link to her post with photos of her students:

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Cecilia Iliesiu just finished guesting in the Goh Ballet (Vancouver, BC) Nutcracker.  I knew she was performing the Snow Queen from Act I, but she also danced Spanish in Act II, according to the photos in her Instagram story, which will expire after today.

She also left a gracious message thanking the backstage costume staff.

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