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for St. Valentine's Day, 2012

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indeed, i confused Ivanov's CUPID'S PRANK (mus. Friedman) with Petipa's THE PRANKS OF LOVE (or THE TRIAL OF DAMIS), which is RUSES D'AMOUR (mus. Glazunov) and yes, i realized Galeotti's THE WHIMS OF CUPID AND THE BALLETMASTER (mus. Jens Lolle) was another good guess, so i inserted it above.

there are cupids in SLEEPING BEAUTY's last act procession (and Makarova included one as a character in her short-lived production for the Royal Ballet).

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I enjoyed what seemed to be Willi Weekend - live tweets from the opening of "Giselle" by La Scala, blogs about the opening of "Giselle" from MCB, and Ovation channel's presentation of "Dancers". The confluence made me think it was a commentary on Valentine's Day.

P.S. - Thank you to Mr. P.T., who puts up with it all.

P.S.S. - Tweeting by the theatre is fabulous, contrary to the worries of this board!

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