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Dorothée Gilbert


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I know we have several Gilbert fans here so I thought I would post these vids. They're excerpts from her new DVDs for the Japanese market and show her and Alessio Carbone taking a typical class "of the French school" given by Gil Isoart.

Her intro at the beginning of the videos is the same - once you get past that the excerpts are different.

- barre

- center

I assume they would have done retakes, but even so her technique just is unbelievable.

Hopefully these will show up on Japanese Amazon (or any other website that will ship outside Japan) because I would love to see the entire class! (For any Japanese BalletAlerters, the DVDs are available from Fairy http://www.fairynet.co.jp, but as best I can tell Fairy does not ship internationally.)

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I believe she was injured recently (around Ludmila's etoile nomination), and is no longer slated for any Bayadere performances, or Manon. I read she was replaced mid performance by Mathilde Froustey, who was expected to perform Gamzatti for the broadcast, but that went to Pagliero.

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