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  1. I'm very happy for her! It seems she's being given space to grow at SFB, which seemed a bit lacking at POB. I think they passed up a future great. Her technique and presence are phenominal; though she's known for modern and romantic works, I think she'll be splendid in the big classical roles when she gets there, and I hope she does soon! I imagine her O/O will be gorgeous, warm, subtle and unique.
  2. trieste

    Yuan Yuan Tan

    Miteki Kudo and Alice Renavand at POB! But Yuan Yuan Tan is brilliant.
  3. A recent photo of the Paris Opera Ballet corps all lined up as wilis from Giselle... I believe it was a promotional for the recent US tour. And really...any photo of Tanaquil Leclerq. Her face and form is so photogenic... I can't think of another dancer that is as uniformly stunning in photos. I know this isn't quite what the thread is asking for but I really couldn't pick...
  4. trieste

    Olga Smirnova

    I feel like everyone is saying different things about her O/O... I personally perceived it as a brilliant, mature first outing, without that undulating fluttering motion some dancers plaster across the choreography. And fast single fouettes! For me, many things to like. For others, many things to talk about. In any case, worth watching if it merits this much discussion.
  5. trieste

    Evgenia Obraztsova

    I wonder if she's dealing with an injury in those Bayadere videos. She's never been the best turner but those pirouettes are particularly weak.
  6. I love learning that the dancers I admire are also intelligent and articulate!
  7. trieste


    Shapran is a huge loss for the Mariinsky, no doubt. She has the most consistently charming presence, where Smirnova, while stunning, can seem sometimes cold, a la Lopatkina, almost... Both are so exciting to watch develop.
  8. trieste


    I'm having a little bit of trouble picturing the exact motion Paul is describing. But I agree, Tereshkina is amazing. She makes it look so easy, no matter what it is she's doing.
  9. trieste


    Somova has improved vastly under her new coach, both in artistry and technique. The fact is that not many dancers (or actors, musicians, singers, painters, writers) can give a mature performance at 20. Those such as Guillem and Smirnova are the exception, but it seems ADs are eager to replicate that sort of rise artificially, which is bizarre and cruel. Honestly, when I watch videos of Skorik, she seems terrified, and nerves can ruin much more naturally gifted performers. Skorik is a symptom of the cancer at the Mariinsky, not the disease itself, and shouldn't be attacked as such. She's a youn
  10. trieste

    Maria Kochetkova

    That is a rather bizarre blanket statement of ballet. Methinks the source of the quote is none too familiar with the art. Still, love that shoot and hope to have a chance to see Kochetkova some day, either live or in a live-in-cinema situation.
  11. trieste

    Olga Smirnova

    I just watched a clip of hers...her debut in the work of a certain choreographer who shall not be named. Her dancing is beautifully transparent -- that is, her technique is without reproach, clearing the view to the choreography and to details. I particularly appreciate her consistent turnout and use of wrists and hands to punctuate those gorgeous Vaganova arms. I'm hard pressed to think of many dancers with such steely technique and the artistry to put it to use. I've heard she's controversial, due to her age and rapid promotion, but mon dieu, what a loss for the Mariinsky.
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