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Michele Wiles leaving ABT?

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So in Alastair Macauley's review of the various Swan Lake performances, he mentions, almost in passing that Michele Wiles' performance as Odette was her final performance with the company. I have not found any other news of her leaving the company. I did see that she will be performing elsewhere (guest appearance with Lemon Sponge Cake). I had a phone call from what I think was someone in the box office today and I asked. The caller did not know, but someone else in the room thought that she quit.

My daughter has met her a few times and enjoyed chatting with her. Was wondering if anyone knew where she would be going from her.

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from Time Out New York #830 (Sept 29 - Oct 5) p. 45:

"[Charles] Askegard, 42, started out at American Ballet Theatre in 1987, where he remained until moving to NYCB in 1997. Known for his height (he's 6'4"), his stellar partnering and his gracious classicism, Askegard will continue dancing with statuesque ballerinas. Among his upcoming ventures...he is starting his own company, Ballet Next, with the former ABT principal Michele Wiles."

("Moving on: Charles Askegard busts out of New York City Ballet" by Gia Kourlas)

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