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  1. Does anyone have any current information or updates about this company?
  2. Apologies for any offense taken in my post referring to audience members who get up and leave live performances early in a huff when the reason is that they didn't get to see a particular dancer perform, or that some or many aspects of what they were seeing disappointed them. I just happened to be on this particular thread because I had attended this show and if I looked at many forums on this site more frequently, I might see that this happens more than I thought. The principle of the idea and the tone taken just bugged me and I felt compelled to comment, just as a poster or two here was so
  3. A movie would have been a guaranteed cast. While a difference of opinion about art is natural (we actually liked the music a lot and, while agree that the production was heavy on design craft, shrugged it off as just how that particular show was conceived to be) ... I find it "curious" that anyone who considers themselves cultured, as defined by appreciation of ballet and its supporting arts (set designers, craftsmen, musicians, etc), would buy a ticket for a company's tour, and despite being disappointed in a casting change, not sit through to a performance's end. If not to see the outcom
  4. I saw the show Thursday night and it was fabulous. It may not be Wheeldon''s most remarkable for choreography, but he shows what a creative genius he is in plenty of other ways in "Alice". The audience loved it. I overheard compliments about the refinement of NBOC dancing and thought Dylan Tedaldi was especially great. Injuries happen and I would think some understanding is in order. It's refreshing to see them in New York and I hope they return again soon!!
  5. Have there been any updates to KCB's plans for a new director?
  6. What is the tallest height for female corps members at ABT at present? Does anyone know? What about male dancers?
  7. You have a point there, Natalia, about their participation in competitions. LiLing does, as well. It's good to hear a perspective coming from very experienced eyes.
  8. Another audience member here for Friday night's performance. Can't help but reply that I thought Miss Hurlin's performance of Tarantella was easily one of the most audience pleasing highlights of the evening and she seemed anything but weak for being 16. Quick on her feet, full of personality and in a well suited red velvet tutu, she provided a shot of delightful energy to the night. The crowd loved the pas! The theatre was small and she could have filled a big one. I can't imagine anyone wanting to quiet her tambourine!
  9. shedances


    Hello! I have become a long-time parent on the BT4Dancers board, although have chosen a different name for this forum. My daughter has danced for thirteen years and is in the last few years of her official ballet training. My own ballet training was never developed to this level, but I never stopped loving the art form. I have been thrilled to be able to follow and facilitate the journey with my daughter and to learn more about what I get to see along the way!
  10. Having read through these posts, I don't think I have seen much of a discussion about how smoking might limit a dancer's stamina. I am not an expert on all of this, but I would think that doing anything that has an impact on oxygen intake, would, over time, keep their bodies from performing as athletically as needed. I was very surprised to observe a group of professional dancers all taking a smoking break out on the fire escape of a small company recently. At first, I thought the people in the company who smoked were only the AD, whose professional career was in the late 1970's and early 1
  11. I believe I saw that Ballet Next will be performing at the Joyce Theatre this November and we are hoping to get tickets! Does anyone know anything more about the company or have any updates as to the possibility that Michele Wiles is leaving ABT?
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