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Royal Ballet season 2011-2012

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I see on Ballet Alert that the 2010-2011 season was announced on March 10, 2010. I've been searching the Royal Ballet site and also googling for press announcements on the 2011-2012 season, but can't find anything. Has anybody else seen an announcement somewhere or received a press release?

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Nothing yet (that I can find) on the regular season for 2011-2012, but this interesting bit of news turned up: The Royal will team up with the Tate to produce new work for the summer of 2012:


Alas, I suspect travel to London that summer will be prohibitively expensive. With the Olympics coming to town, it will be difficult to find deals on hotels or plane fares.

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Ah, we must scroll down about 4 or 5 releases to see the full announcement on the ballets.


Great season, chock-a-full of Ashton. The last mixed bill of the season brings back Birthday Offering (hoorah!), Month in the Country, & Les Noces.

Fille Mal Gardee, Sleeping Beauty, Manon, Prince of the Pagodas, Nutcracker, the new Alice in Wonderland, etc.

World premieres by McGregor & Scarlett.

Lots more. I hope that a few of these will make it onto the Ballet-in-Cinema screens and perhaps there'll be a DVD or two?

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My diary entries for bit of a mixed season of delights and the missable.

Royal Ballet 2011 - 2012

Sept/Oct 2011

Jewels - Glad to see it.

Oct 2011

Mixed bill

Limen – Sit it out

Marguerite & Armand - Glad to see it

Requiem – Not a favourite

Oct to Dec 2011

The Sleeping Beauty – With ruined sets but some good casts

November 2011

Manon – One more nearer to death but some good casts

November 2011

Mixed Bill

Asphodel Meadows

Enigma Variations Glad to see it revived but can never forget original cast


Dec 2011 to Jan 2012

The Nutcracker – Missable production

Jan to Apr 2012

Romeo & Juliet - Hopefully some good casts

Feb to Mar 2012

Mixed Bill )

The Dream ) Odd coupling of two great works

Song of the Earth )

Mar to Apr 2012

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland - NIFOM

April 2012

Mixed Bill

New Scarlett )

Polyphonia ) NIFOM

New McGregor )

Apr - May 2012

La Fille Mal Gardee - Generally a failsafe

May - June 2012

Mixed Bill )

Ballo Della Regina ) Like the pairing

La Sylphide )

June 2012

The Prince of the Pagodas – Would prefer to see Cranko’s version

June - July 2012

Mixed Bill

Birthday Offering )

A Month in the Country ) Great triple bill

Les Noces )

July 2012


A Royal Ballet & National Gallery project, involving collaborations between:- )

Wayne McGregor, Kim Brandstrup, Alastair Marriott, Chris Wheeldon, ) Why?

Will Tuckett, Liam Scarlett & Jonathan Watkins )

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June 2012

The Prince of the Pagodas – Would prefer to see Cranko’s version

Yes, indeed. Theoretically, could Cranko's version be revived?

Not sure.

It may be that Cranko's original staging for both the Royal Ballet and the Wurttembergische State Theater Ballet(later the Stuttgart Ballet) predate notated records.

The ballet was given more than twenty times by the Royal Ballet providing a wonderful role for Svetlana Beriosova as La Belle Rose.

Britten conducted the first performance of The Prince of the Pagodas on New Year's Day 1957 at the Royal Opera House where it was given twenty-three performances and then was dropped from the repertoire.

As a teenager I saw a revival of the ballet in 1960 and fell in love Beriosova's quality of movement and was intrigued with the strange quality of the music.

Later Prince of the Pagodas received favourable reviews in New York, Munich, and La Scala.

This was a time when Kenneth MacMillan, Ninette de Valois creature, rose in ascendancy and Cranko left to begin his creation of the Stuttgart Ballet out of the ancient Wurttembergische State Ballet.

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