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2010-2011 Season Roster Changes

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The Mariinsky Theater appears to be the only major ballet company on earth that "demotes" its soloists back to the corps or choryphee. This time they seem to have shot the Bluebird...veteran soloist and brilliant technician Vasily Scherbakov is back to choryphee status. Not certain what is going on but it sure caught my eye.

A more positive note, also catching my eye, is the addition of about 8 Vaganova Academy Class of 2010 graduates to the male corps roster, including Alexei Popov! (Only three ladies made the cut - Assylmuratova's protegee Viktoria Brilyova + Alisa Sodolyova and Oksana Marchuk.)

Last year's graduate, character-dance phenom Vasily Tkachenko, didn't have to wait long to be promoted to Choryphee. In turn, choryphees Alexei Timofeev and Andrei Yermakov were promoted to 2nd Soloists. They seem to be holding back on promoting the ladies but, if number of performances so far this season is any indication, Daria Vasnetsova should soon be a 2nd soloist.

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True, canbelto. However, he is still on the roster and scheduled for several performances through December. I'm not all that convinced that this might not be one of those "Going-But-Not-Quite-Gone" acts such as Vishneva leaving the Mariinsky for the Bolshoi a few years ago or Terioshkina leaving for Dresden (remember that one?). On the other hand, Character Principal Ti-Eun Ryu appears to be definitely leaving - staying in her native South Korea after the present Korean Tour ends.

Another one - Character Principal Anna Sysoeva, who just graduated from the Vaganova Academy 5-6 years ago, is also off the roster. She was the bride in Les Noces in the recent telecast-film. Also gone is corps dancer Nadezhda Demakova.

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Well whatever the case, I hope Sarafanov still guests occasionally with the Mariinsky, especially on tour.

I just checked the roster and Oksana Skorik (from A Beautiful Tragedy) has been promoted to coryphee. As someone who watched the movie and cringed at the harsh treatment she got from the teachers at Perm, I'd say congratulations Oksana! :angel_not:

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New name on the roster - Timur Askerov as second soloist.

But overall Mariinsky roster looks weird - very long list of female coryphees (which could be longer since there are dancers like Stepanova, Batoeva, Frolova, Nikitina, Chereshkievich still in corps de ballet) and much shorter of second soloists; only five male first soloists and long list of male second soloists among which are many candidates to first soloists... It seems that promotions are in the air, but when? I hope they won't wait untill next season. I have my favourites and I hope for their promotion impatiently but I'm afraid that Yuri Fateyev's decision will bring more disappoitments than joy.

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Oksana Skorik (from A Beautiful Tragedy) has been promoted to coryphee.

I just saw her dancing at Carreno's Gala, and I wish I wouldn't have been the witness of such unfortunate night for her. Never seen a ballerina completely lose her spot the way she did during fouettes-(Black Swan)- and then decide to just stop them altogether at around 15. I guess it was the right thing to do, since she was completely out of control and ready to fall at any moment...Her partner in the PDD, Igor Kolb, didn't make things any better for her either, BTW...

Still, it was very sad to see it happen...

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